Date: 05-09-2010 02:10
Reviewer: Miguel

Type: Minis
Genre: Strategy
Developer: SCE

The Looks, The Point, The Deal

Tank squad is probably the most poorly created mini on the store, Yes its a mini and doesn't pack the breathtaking punches the big games have to offer but even at 2$ you still wish that you would get more excitement from Tank Squad.

The point is to begin the game with either 1 or 2 players and to select one of three tanks, then you begin to play one of the 3 levels thats offered. Each level there are enemies and obstacles such as a rock or a river. As well as your base that you must defend. Every few seconds you will fire your cannons. You just move around and shoot at enemies. Once you beat the 3rd level then its game over and you can restart the game again with the exact same levels.

The looks are nothing but poor, This looks more like a gameboy advanced game then a PSP game, Honestly out of the years and years of game playing, This is by far the most poorly done game. Makes you think you can actually make a game yourself and then cash in on the PS Store Earnings.

Level Structures

3 Levels, All with very poor graphics and simple animations. Only one special element where you can cross water but even that doesn't exactly add the fun or difficulty. The water only serves to slow you down a bit. Everything looks just so simple, The producers definitely need a new designer, or one in the first place.


In my book Charge ! Tank Squad ! isnt a worth while game, Its only 2$ so if you want to give it a shot then go ahead, The fact the game is cheaply priced (and it should be) wont really disappoint you that much considering its price. So if your willing to give up your bag of chips and a soda then go ahead and buy Tank Squad ! but then again that scrumptious snack will serve more excitement then this mini.

Presentation: 4
Graphics: 3
Sound: 4
Gameplay: 3
Lifespan: 1
Overall: 3
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