Date: 05-10-2010 21:08
Reviewer: Matt

Type: Minis
Genre: Arcade
Developer: Sony Computer Entertainment

PS Store Description: Face off against the computer or a friend in the crazy frenetic world of double sided Pinball Duel. With two balls being catapulted around the pinball arena, nail the timing and use your flippers to smack them at just the right angle. tag the bonus target marks to win the big prizes, unleash more balls and work to reach the coveted 10,000 point mark. Trying to catch up, but running out of luck, be devious and tilt the broad to gain the advantage!

Gameplay: Pinball Dual is a minis game. It can only be played on the PSP system. You use the D-Pad (Up and Down) to control the flippers and use the L to tilt the broad. The second play use the and . To tilt for the second player, they use the R button. To play this game, you play it on your PSP sideways. So be aware PSPGo owners.

Pinball Dual is one of the best pinball games I've played. It's generally addicting but since its a minis game there is not that much to put on the table. The main objective of this game is too gain the score of 10,000. As you know its not your average pinball game. There are 2 players on the broad. Your almost fighting to gain the score of 10,000. They're many ways to gain it faster.

You can try to go for the three slots that are in the middle of the broad. You can get one of these three: Increased Score, Mulit Ball, or Out Ball Blocker. Or you can try to make your opponent get a penalty to gain a score for yourself. You will get confused on what ball if yours, 1P is the blue, 2P is the red ball. The game does get crazy fun when multiple balls are out in the broad.

Surprisingly playing this game on the PSPGo is easy. I was able to easily play this game with one hand with only 2 fingers (1 on D-Pad and 1 on L). But it does get a little annoying with the screen slid out. Playing this game with 2 people is fun though. It surprised on how it worked great then what I though. The 2 person just uses the buttons instead, which works good.

Problem about the game is that you know what score your heading for, 10,000. Which makes it like saying "Oh I got 10,000. Beat that!". You'll just say, that's how you win. I do wish there was a mode were your score can go higher then that. That was the only thing I hated about this game. Other then then that, the game is so fun.

Last Note: For only $2, Pinball Dual is one of the best purchases for a mini you can make. With the few problems of the only 10,000 score and only be played on the PSP system. But if you got a psp, and have $2 in your account get this game. The game is even funner with 2 people playing it at the same time. Get this game.

Presentation: 8
Graphics: 7
Sound: 8
Gameplay: 9
Lifespan: 7
Overall: 7.8
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