Date: 07-13-2010 13:20
Reviewer: Mason

Type: PS3
Genre: Music
Developer: London Studio

[Version Reviewed - v4.40]

SingStar is a game series that has now been going for over 6 years, andwhilst getting better year after year, it doesn't show any signs of slowing down either. SingStar Take That is the latest SingStar title to come out, and features 25 top hits from the band, such as 'Greatest Day' and 'Never Forget'. Apart from the tracklist though, the rest of the game is like all the other SingStar's on PS3, so take this review as a review for every SingStar on the platform.

The aim of the game is simple: sing your heart out and collect points. You gain points by singing songs in tune, and the more pitch-perfect you are, the better score you will gain. Songs can be sung with 1 or 2 players, and having 2 singers just adds to the fun. It's a game that is quite fun by yourself, but is much more fun when you have others joining too. The game itself has a very sleek and accessible interface and menu system. You start up games through easy to navigate menus, and select songs to sing by calling out the song name, or selecting your desired song on the carasoul menu. In game, pitch displays and song lyrics are presented clearly and it is very stylish, too. If you have small kids playing the game, there is also an option to change the in-game interface into a more child-friendly version, which features jumping stars! Music videos are displayed clearly, and also in HD if the song supports it, although not many songs are in HD at the moment. The game also supports a camera feed that will replace the music videos whilst playing if you prefer, and if you have a compatible camera. Sound quality is good, as you would expect from a music game.

There are a variety of modes on offer in the game, for single and multiplayers. There is a sing solo mode for people who just want to play the game by themselves, aswell as an online battle mode, so you can sing against someone on your friends list, and see who's the best. For more than 1 singer, there are duet and battle modes on offer, which pits 2 singers against each other or helping each other, to get a top score. If you have a larger party, and want to get more people involved, there's also a 8 player 'pass the mic' mode, which sets people in teams, and takes turns to choose singers to help out there team in different rounds by singing songs chosen by the game. All the modes on offer are fun to play, but they also could do with a bit of improving, for example online play doesn't include your rivals voice whilst singing, which is a little disappointing.

The song choice on the discs vary. On SingStar Take That, there are 25 songs by them, ranging from their old classics, to their newest hits. They are good to sing if you enjoy their music like i do. The SingStore also includes a range of songs to buy and download, from lots of popular genres like rock, pop and rap. The song choice is mostly pop though (and quite alot of it from the 80's), so fans of other genres might feel a little let down. You can browse your regions singstore without even owning the game by visitingsingstargame.comon your PC, or by downloading the free SingStar Viewer off the PlayStation Store. The store does update every fortnight though, so that song your desperate to sing may show up on there one week.

Other online functions on the game is a facebook-style online community. On there you can view other singers uploaded snaps, video clips and audio recordings from playing the game, and join clubs. You can also upload your own stuff, make your own clubs, and choose your own favourite songs. This section is good for watching funny clips from other players, especially if you like watching dancing chewbaccas.

As a whole then, this game is a lot of fun. You can spend hours playing the game, both on your own or with others. The song varieties are good, especially on the singstore. I would very much recommended this game, or at least give it a try, even if you are a shy person. Added with guitar and dance versions of the game coming out this year, there's not much else you could ask for in this awesome package, although the singstar developers will always find something to add or improve upon.

Graphics: 10
Sound: 10
Gameplay: 10
Overall: 10
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