Date: 09-25-2010 03:45
Reviewer: Matt

Type: PS3
Genre: Platformer
Developer: Sega

PSStore Description: Join Sonic and friends as they embark on their first truly epic quest to stop Dr. Eggman’s most villainous scheme in the hit Dreamcast title Sonic Adventure now available on the PlayStation Network.

An ancient evil lurking within the Master Emerald has been unleashed from its slumber by the devious Dr. Eggman and is on the verge of becoming the ultimate monster using the 7 Chaos Emeralds. Only Sonic and his friends are heroic enough to put a stop to Dr. Eggman and his evil minions. Hit the ground running in this classic epic adventure in a race against time to save the world!

My Description: Sonic Adventure originally came out on the Dreamcast about 10 years ago. If you know about the Dreamcast, then you have must likely played this game either by demo or well the game. Sega is now pushing out some of there Dreamcast on the PSN. This was the first among them. Its $9.99 on the NA PSN. Little note this game is Sonic Adventure DX port not the one from Dreamcast.

There is also an add-on for this game to play the new content that Sonic DX has added to the original game for $4.99. This adds the new missions and a new playable character for the game; Metal Sonic. Just so you know, Metal Sonic can be seen before you get to Final Egg. I really don't know if he was really meant to be added but ok.

Gameplay: Each character of the game follows there side of the story. Play each character to put together the pieces. Each of the 6 characters has different ways to battle. For example Knuckles uses his fist while Sonic uses his well body? I'll just talk about the first two characters that I've beat the story with. Then maybe add more characters if you guys want.

I beat this game maybe over 20 times on the dreamcast and 2 times on the gamecube. Just so you know that this game is the Gamecube version, so the same glitches apply. Fun or not, its hilarious seeing this game with glitches. It's even known for ths game to have glitches. Just so you know, this review will be written a bit different then my other reviews. So I don't cheat myself, beat the game years ago, I'll write the review when I'm playing it. I'll even try to do this with other games that are ported from the Dreamcast line.

Sonic: As I said, each story follows each characters view in the story. So you might see Chaos's body skip a few forms when playing through the game. Since this is my first review too play through a game while writing it down, I'm going to list most of the story. As a warning, skip all the way down too The Rest if you don't want any spoilers.

    Emerald Coast: The first mission in this game is to find Tails, after he crashes onto a beach in Emerald Coast. It's a very simple mission. Since I've beat this game a multitude amount of times, I still remember were to go. But I've always skipped on destroying the capsule an just run around it. Anyway, this mission is so fun doing speed runs, even though it does still have those glitches on falling through the world.

    Egg Hornet: This is when Dr. Robotnik steals your Chaos Emerald after you beat him. Very easy nostalgic mission. He ony takes a few strikes to beat. I'm still laughing on how the bad acting really shows out on this specific mission. The only character to not have really much bad acting is Dr. Robotnik.

    Sky Chase: Simply my favorite missions in the whole game. The Sky chase acts are you controlling a ship and shooting down other ships from Dr. Robotnik's army. This act can be a good speed run mission to do or to see who can scratch out the most points. Bad thing is the controls. Well, not really the controls but the reticle or crosshair. The reticle really does not help what so if even so its wrong about 80% of the time when shooting.

    Chasing Amy: I also hated Amy, since she always peaks her nose into something and gets taken. These parts I really since you go through 3 levels, one in particular I hate. First one is Twinkle Part, very easy level though Amy just decides she wants to go through here since she thinks Sonic & Her are a couple. I still don't know if they are or not. Second is Speed Highway, due to the games glitches this level really sucks going through. Last is Red Mountain, I hate this level with a passion, Not because its hard (cause it's not) its due to the glitches once again. I always mess up when running on the first part. You start to fall through mountains.

    Sky Deck : Once again glitches lead you into disaster. I hate this mission during the time when the ship is either slated or the wind. Since it's truly uncontrollable, Sonic would start to geddan on you (search google if you don't know what geddan is). But, this mission really annoyed me. Because of the fact I could not just die and not have wasted my time to get back all the way up to the checkpoint. After this you meet E-102 and have to fight Chaos 6. Which they are both very easy to beat.

    Final Missions : These final missions are a breeze. Lost World is a very easy level if you beat the game over 10 times. You do run into those few glitches when walking on the walls. Final Egg was kinda annoying but nothing memorable about it to say "Oh I hate this" or ""That was awesome". Last you must beat Egg Viper. Your standard boss battle, find the opening and hit him. Keep doing it till you beat him. Then that's it for Sonic's story. You get Sonics awesome theme song. Gawd forbid the guy that sung that song.

Amy: Amy story starts with her being bored and having memories about the "good old days". Since now hers miss's him, she wants to go an find whats he doing. So it first starts with a bird falling on her head and now this huge robot chase's her. Now think of this with the bad acting applied.

    Twinkle Park: Amy goes to Sonic and gets chased by that robot and somehow ends up completely forgeting the danger she is in to think about Twinkle Park. Yes, she is completely stable enough to do love Sonic. This level is very easy. I just hate Amy because she runs super slow compared to Sonic. You have to keep running from the robot till you get to the balloon at the end.

    Egg Carrier: After her being careless as always, she gets captured and put onto the egg carrier. Your in a jail and you meet E-102. E-102 ends up helping Amy after looking at the bird (must be the chaos emerald). E-102 now must have gained emotions. So to get Amy must beat Eggmans high-score. Wak-a-mole or whatever is called is the game. Hit the sonic and tails to gain the score and not Eggmans. Then you go through a level which again, is very easy to beat.

    Since Amy is careless like always, she somehow ends up in the lost world. Funny though, just stand when you first end up there. The graphics of the level start to Geddon on you. When your in the Lost world you get to know a girl that helps the chao babies. You also kinda know how Chaos gets started.

    Then your back at the Egg Carrier and you end up meet with Sonic and Tails again. Eggman then sends E-102 to basically kill sonic and the others. Amy ends up help before E-102 doom. Sad part kinda happens and Eggman activates Chaos 6 (when Big is there, read later when I get to him). Then Amy ends up back Station Square just to get into more trouble. She now wants to find the little birdies family.

    Then again, Amy its up back at the Egg Carrier. Really? Apparently she does not know how to stay off the dang ship. But its all good because you end up getting the Long Hammer after beating that Wak-a-mole game again. Best score is 8000 so far. Then she goes back to Mystic Ruins for her final mission, Final Egg. Beat Zero in her last boss battle to beat her story.

The Rest: The basic story of the game revolves around Chaos. It does not tell much about him (the most would be when your doing Knuckles story). He is somewhat related to the Chao babies (notice the names?). But since I told you guys to skip down if you don't want to be spoiled of the story, I won't tell you much. One very popular system of this game is the Chao Garden.

If you had the Dreamcast version then you remember using the VMU too help you raise your Chao babies. But since this version has no VMU, you use various other methods to help raise them. The Black Market is one were you can buy stuff your baby to use in the Chao races. Oh yes, you use your Chao Babies in mini game, the main one the Chao Race.

From this day, I can still barely scratch the surface of the Chao babies system. You feed them those animals you get from levels, but I still don't know they truly do. Yes, its very easy to guess but some animals I cant tell. This is almost a separate game of its own onside with the main story. It will truly keep you there for along time. At-least this time I wont accidentally kill my cute Chao babies with the controls. Some of you should know what I'm talking about.

Last Note: Ok, here is the deal about this game. It's a great game that still holds up till this day and is at a great value. But then infamous glitches for this game and over that using the DX version of this game to be put on the PSN. Its really hurts the original game. This game really wants you to use the Geddan joke over and over. So I bet your saying "So Jetup, is it still good with all of its glitches?". Answer is yes, these glitches are avoidable if they include running and jumping. But the graphical glitches, not so much.

Camera system still half sucks. Since you cant change the controls for you to control the camera with the right stick really sucks. You have to use the L1 and the R1 (L2 and R2 too) to control the camera. I had to use the game on free cam. The suggestive one really leads you into the graphical glitches. The music for this game is still one of my favorite scores. The them for the level Mystic Ruins is so nostalgic, I almost cried listening to it on my PS3.

So all in all, game is good and some of the glitches can be avoided. The stories for this game are fairly short, longest would be Sonics. But the Chao Garden/Babies/Races really make this game a lengthy game, almost 40 hours if you include everything. This game also has a online scoreboard and obtainable trophies, so it should keep you coming. Also, if you hate sonic games remove 2 points from the overall score. There mostly the same, hell, its the same as the Gamecube port.

Presentation: 7.5
Graphics: 7.5
Sound: 8
Gameplay: 8
Lifespan: 9
Overall: 8
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