Date: 10-10-2010 17:31
Author: Matt


PlayStation Plus is a subscription service for people who want the extra enhancement the PSN. It is available for NA, EU, and JP (and most others that we are not going to list). You are able to extra features, early beta/demo access, discounts, free games, and other stuff from the PlayStation Store.


    Packages: Price's are different depending on the region your in. But all have at least 2 packages for purchase. Here is the prices and packages.

    3 Months ($17.99)
    1 Year ($49.99)
    90 Days (11.99)
    1 Year (39.99)
    30 Days (500)
    1 Year (5,000)

In NA, you are able to buy them as cards (like PSN cards). Other countries are unknown.

    Subscription Ending: When your subscription ends you are able renew it and get all your content back. You can have your subscription automatically renew itself from your wallet balance. Or buy repurchasing the service. If you don't have enough in your PSN wallet for the renewal, it will automatically take it out of your cerdit/debit card.
You can turn off the automatic renewal 


    Automatic Downloads: Select content gets "pushed" towards your PS3. For example, Demos get push earlier before update happens so your able to already play it without going through the "Download/Install" wait. Updates for games get automatically download and installed. Updates for the PS3 firmware get downloaded (this has manually installed though).
To use this feature, you need at least 5120MB more free space on the hard disk.

PlayStation Network

    Full Game Trials: Allow you to play a select game for 60 mins. Trophies can be earned in the Full Game Trial. Save Data can be imported to the full game. The selection of Full Game Trials depend on the region you are in, for example NA got Warhawk full game trial while EU got Tomb Raider Underworld and Ferrari the Race Experience.
Content can be played within the trial period. It will stay in your download list for 1 year if you don't spend the 60 minutes on the game.

    Discounts: PlayStation Plus subscribers get special discounts on select games, themes, avatars and all other stuff.
Read the note *

    Free Games: Select Games depending on the region are available for free. Depending on the region you get a certain amount of free games. For example, NA's is usually 2 minis and 1 PSN/PSone game (and/or) on the month. The schedule is unpredictable, so you might get 1 PSN and 1 PSOne game. It changes is what I'm trying to say.
Read the note **

    Free Add-On's: Select add-ons from the PSStore are available for free.
Read the note ***

    Free Media: Depending on the region, you get free media. This includes Avatars, Themes, Dynamic Themes, and some kind of service. When I service, I mean something on the lines of Qore or FirstPlay. Qore is available for NA while FirstPlay is EU.
Read the note ***

    Beta/Demos: You may able get into a Beta program as a PlayStation Plus user. Beta's can be played up to the time as the publisher/dev wants it to be available. Select Demos are available for PlayStation Plus users before normal PSN user get to play them.
Usually Beta's are available for select PlayStation Plus users. Unless this is noted

*Note: All bought content are available for you forever. Regardless if you have PS+ anymore.
**Note: Free Games are only available for you until your subscription runs up.
***Note: These are available for you forever. Add-Ons with a special condition. Add-Ons will only work unless the game has expired. For example, if you had a free game that had expired you are unable to use the add-on also.

If you find a problem, mistakes, or want advice on PS+ feel free to PM me with the feedback. Check here on stuff I might have missed
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