Date: 06-09-2009 14:32
Reviewer: SilentWyvern

Type: PSone
Genre: First-person shooter
Developer: Red Storm Entertainment

Counter Terrorism at its finest? Rainbow Six was released on multiple consoles, but does the PS1 with it's limitations live up to the task of tackling such a huge endeavor? Or did it fail miserably?

Story - "The year is 1999, the Cold War has been over for more than a decade, and for the first time in a half century the world is free from the specter of nuclear apocalypse. It should be a time of peace and prosperity, but all over the globe the embers of old animosities have been fanned into flame by the winds of freedom. Terrorism in the 21st century is an international industry. Money and expertise flow freely through the global computer nets. And every type of weapon imaginable is available on the black markets of the third world. It has become harder and harder for the security forces of individual nations to combat this threat to the safety of their people. Whats needed is an organization with the resources and the authority to fight terrorism where ever it flourishes. It would be comprised of the best and brightest counter terrorism experts from every country. And armed with state of the art weapons and equipment. It would operate in absolute secrecy, its existence known only to the most senior government officials. It would attack swiftly and silently, cutting off the head of the viper before it had a chance to strike. Such an organization already exists. Its codename, is Rainbow." - Rainbow 6 Intro

That is by far the coolest intro of any game ever. Rainbow Six was originally based off the Tom Clancy book and was supposed to be released in tandem with the book. The only problem, the game does a poor job of telling the story. There's really only 2 cutscenes, so you have to get the story from briefings, but there is so much to read odds are you'll pretty much skip through everything.

Basically to enjoy the game, follow the usual counter terrorist shooter formula. Oh noes! Terrorists over there, go kill them. Which is sad really. But if you want the story go read the book. Apparently the story falls into Tom Clancy's universe along with Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, and End War. (Not to give any spoilers away but End War ties them all together.)

Presentation - I don't know where to begin. I've watched gameplay footage of Rainbow Six on the Dreamcast and N64. And unfortunately it looks like the Playstation just didn't have what it took to present this game in a pleasing way. The PS version had by far the worst graphics.

Levels are scaled down and honestly look ok. Not great, but passable. What I don't understand it why are all the rooms in the embassy a different color and pattern? It looks pretty ridiculous. Character models is where this game REALLY suffers. They're just ugly. Like, you don't want to look at them! Its horrible. There is no music ingame, only in the menus. The only sound you hear naturally in levels is like crickets and typical street noises. Gun noises are convincing enough. Voices are pretty dull. You only ever really hear "Tango Down" or "Threat Neutralized" and its always the same voice, regardless of the operative you are currently playing as.

Luckily the PS version got 1 thing no one else did. A gun. You can see your shooter's gun...kinda fun? There is no reload animation, the typical Goldeneye fashion of lowering the gun off screen for a second. Again, fun? Visuals are not this game's strong point. I've actually gotten motion sickness from playing this too long, which almost NEVER happens to me unless I'm playing in a moving car. Which I rarely do.

Gameplay - With problems aside, I'll be honest, this is a genuinely fun game to play. If you're into tactical espionage that really test your capabilities, you'll probably like this game if you can't get past the horrific presentation. Now I played this on the PSPgo, and it took a bit of tweeking to get the controls to work. But its not impossible.

First off you pick your mission, then you assign the operatives you want on your team. There are statistics that show off their skills in any specific field. These can't be raised...unless you cheat. Once you have your team selected you can set the weapons you want for all of them or set them individually. Theres not much selection with weapons. You get a primary, a secondary and 2 equipment slots, so a bit of tact is required when assigning loadouts. You'll want to know what you want that operative to do and assign a loadout accordingly.

    MP5 (SD, regular and short)
    Benelli (12 gauge shotgun)
    CAR (M4 like rifle)
    M16 (full auto so possible XM16E1?)
    Beretta (Silenced and non silenced)
    HK40 (SD and non)
    HK45 (SD and non)
    M61 Fragmentation Grenades
    Electronics Kit (Speeds up hacking and bomb rewiring.)
    Door Charges
    Demolitions Kit (Speeds up placing and disarming of bombs.)
    Lockpick Kit
    Heartbeat Sensor (Enemies show up on radar even when they can't be seen.)
    Primary and secondary mags
    3 different weights of body armor

Next you select where you want the operatives to be deployed. You can A. group your team together and have them follow you. This becomes problematic as the AI is dumber than SOCOM if you can believe it. They'll get in your way, take fire from you and enemies. Its annoying. Or you can B. post your operatives in different entry points and control them one at a time. I prefer this way, its more tactical and lets you cover ground easier.

Thing about the gameplay is you'll have to get used to the radar. You switch characters from the menu, you can check you're teams health by pressing circle. With a heartbeat sensor you can see where enemies on that floor are. But keep in mind, the radar menu isn't pause. If an enemy was coming for you, they'll still be coming while you fiddle around with the radar. The best way to avoid an unseen death is to hide somewhere where enemies won't get to your, close doors and face the direction of the door. If you switch characters remember to make sure they're facing the door, if an enemy walks in on the operative you were just using, the operative will shoot them only if they are facing them. If not, you'll be down a team member. So always remember to check ALL operative's surroundings periodically to ensure they all make it out alive.

Next thing about the gameplay is its supposed to be realistic, meaning 1 to 3 shots and you're dead. Luckily, the same can be said about enemies. From the game screen its hard to tell how much life you have, you only get a little heartbeat monitor for all your team members. Which isn't clear.

AI...AI in this game is a joke. I mean, all anyone does is point and shoot. They'll willingly walk into ambushes, they won't avoid grenades. They'll turn and walk away if you take cover for a few seconds. Like they think: "Where'd he go?! Oh he must have left, hey Steve you see the game last night?" I mean come on! Sure its PS1 but why is it SO bad?! It seriously makes SOCOM's AI look like Stephen Hawking! I was kinda annoyed you aren't able to pickup weapons or ammo, but unlike certain PSP ports of later entries in the Rainbow Six series you have to pretty much TRY to run out of ammo.

Control Setup - If you want a simple control scheme for this game, try this:
Go to "Options" and them to "Controller Setup". Choose "Controller Setting 2" then hit "Home". In "Controller Setup" in the Home menu you should see "Type 1" selected as "Assign Buttons". If not, don't worry. Click "Assign Buttons" and go town to "Custom". From there you can edit the buttons. Make your controller look like this and the game should be easy to play:

    Up - L2 + R2
    Down - Nothing
    Right - R2
    Left - L1
    Analog Nub:
    Up - Up
    Down - Down
    Left - Left
    Right - Right
    Face Buttons:
    Triangle - Triangle
    Circle - Circle
    X - X
    Square - Square

    Shoulder Buttons:
    L - L2
    R - R1

There you go! Enjoy!

Final Notes - If you're a fan of tactical shooters that require skill, this may be a game for you. That is IF you can get past the God awful graphics.

Gamplay: 6
Graphics: 2
Replay: 3
Sound: 3
Overall: 4/10
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