Date: 11-11-2009 06:28
Reviewer: smish34

Type: PS3
Genre: Shooting
Developer: Infinaty Ward

Undoubtedly the biggest game of last year, Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 is the direct sequel to CoD4: Modern Warfare made by acclaimed developer “Infinity Ward”. Many critics hailing it as “the best game of 2009” i do not feel the same way about this game

First off i will get the Good points out of the way. I loved the co-operative game mode known as “Spec-ops”, which can be played with friends online or split-screen. The inspiration for this was the epilogue in the predecessor (CoD4: Modern Warfare), “The Mile High Club” which was one of my favorite parts of the game, but felt it needed to be played with another person beside you. The “Spec-Ops” mode captures the essence of the “Mile High Club” but it is let down by the dull variety of missions. Which just feel like you’re playing through a story-less campaign mode.

The graphics of the game still look great, the textures of the soldiers face and the way they look really feel like you’re in the battle with the soldiers. The sounds are fantastic and also add to the effect of “being” there. The stellar voice cast includes many famous celebrities, such as ‘Keith David’ from the movie ‘Pitch Black’ and ‘Halo 2 and 3’ and world rapping sensation “50 Cent”.
Now for the bad points.

The Game is a direct sequel taking place after the events of CoD4: Modern Warfare. This answers some of the unanswered questions about the ending of the last game. The 2 main character do survive after a “to be continued” ending to the last game. Unfortunately the story doesn’t live up to the predecessor. The story’s first main level with the protagonist from the first game is a covert James Bond style infiltration of an enemy base high up in snowy Russian mountains very reminiscent of the opening of 007 Goldeneye.

The level is well designed and very challenging but is let down by a typical ‘action-movie’ chase scene where at the end you jump a huge gap between two mountains on a snow-mobile. The story then changes to the perspective of an American soldier during a ‘Red-Dawn’ style invasion of the USA. A very predictable plot turn see’s you going up against a huge private army to take down your commanding officer turned rogue. Overall the story is very, very short and predictable even on the harder difficulties.

The Online Multiplayer is where the game is focused on but even then it still is hugely flawed. The online feels like a copy and paste from the original, but with very poorly designed maps. The game holds an “18+” certificate in the UK but many of the players sound very much like young children, which in most cases they are. The game play is very fast and many games end within only a few minutes. The progression system changes from the rank-50 from previous installments to rank-75 which isn’t a problem because challenges are usually completed without any realization. The downloadable content is very over-priced at £15 for 3 new online maps, and 2 from the original.

Overall the game is mediocre, a very short story, a quite boring and repetitive online mode and an addictive Co-Operative mode which can get boring very quickly earns this game a 5/10
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