Date: 08-03-2010 08:43
Reviewer: SilentWyvern

Type: PSP
Genre: Fighting
Developer: Square Enix

Right off the bat there is one single, undeniable fact about Dissidia, its pure fan-service. Combining elements of fighting games and RPGs, Dissidia really tries to make a name for itself in Square Enix's vast library. Does it succeed, or should you let Chaos consume this one? (Don't worry, I won't be painfully biased.)

Story: The story mainly deals with two Gods, Cosmos, the pure Goddess. Stereotypical angelic Goddess, she leads the "heroes". And Chaos, the demonic God that wants to swallow all existence into darkness and chaos. The two have battled for eons, whenever one is beaten they are revived and the battle begins a new. Well, that's the general plot.

You play through the story as one of any number of heroes from various Final Fantasy games. Each character has their own story arc, and its usually leading up to them learning a lesson in order to obtain their crystal. However a few don't seem to do much and get their crystal...Squall, Cloud.

The plot really suffers from Square Enix's preaching of light and honor and goodness and rainbow farting ponies. Seriously, its like watching a really bad after school special at points. Thats not to say there aren't some awesome moments. Just don't expect an awesome Crisis Core, Sephiroth fight scene, which at this point Squeenix should have learned: If Sephiroth is in the game, an epic fight scene is a must. (Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2, Crisis Core to name a few.)

Dissidia boasts a HUGE cast of characters from a wide variety of Final Fantasy characters.


    - Warrior of Light - Final Fantasy 1
    - Firion - Final Fantasy 2
    - Onion Knight - Final Fantasy 3
    - Cecil - Final Fantasy 4
    - Bartz - Final Fantasy 5
    - Terra - Final Fantasy 6
    - Cloud - Final Fantasy 7
    - Squall - Final Fantasy 8
    - Zidane - Final Fantasy 9
    - Tidus - Final Fantasy 10
    - Shantotto - Final Fantasy 11 (Bonus Character)


    - Garland - Final Fantasy 1
    - Emperor Palamecia - Final Fantasy 2
    - Cloud of Darkness - Final Fantasy 3
    - Golbez - Final Fantasy 4
    - ExDeath - Final Fantasy 5
    - Kefka - Final Fantasy 6
    - Sephiroth - Final Fantasy 7
    - Ultimecia - Final Fantasy 8
    - Kuja - Final Fantasy 9
    - Jecht - Final Fantasy 10
    - Gabranth - Final Fantasy 12 (Bonus Character)
    - Chaos - Dissidia (NOT a playable character.)

Shantotto and Gabranth don't really have much of a story, but that can be forgiven as they are BONUS characters. Chaos is a boss character much like Inferno in Soul Calibur 2. You can only fight him.

Presentation: Dissidia, being from Square, looks great. Character models all look great. Even the characters from games 1 through 6 look great. Early on Yoshitaka Amano did the artwork for the Final Fantasy games, designing characters, but when Final Fantasy 7 came around they couldn't use his art style so they had Tetsuya Nomura step in. I do like how Nomura used a style close to Amano's for the design of the characters from 1 through 6. The arenas look, eh, they look good but they kinda look bland when you get up close.

Cutscenes look pretty good. Voice work is really good too. Music is definatly the best in this game. Its all tracks from the original games and its so awesome hearing the original Resistance music from Final Fantasy 2 or fighting as Cecil to the theme of the Red Wings in Final Fantasy.

Gameplay: The gameplay for Dissidia is really hit and miss. Its the kind of gameplay that you'll either love immediately, or absolutely hate. Personally I enjoy it but thats simply my opinion and I'd rather keep my reviews as unbiased as I possibly can.

Dissidia would like you to believe it successfully combines traditional Final Fantasy/RPG elements and fighting game elements to make a unique experience. This is really debatable.

While the usual RPG level grinding is present, its not hard to max out a character in a day or two. Stats generally barely rise on their own so you'll need to go into the equipment options to max out all character stats. Which believe me, gets really old, really fast. Its too much to worry about sometimes fighting enemy after enemy hoping to get 1 item that you generally get completely randomly. AI isn't too bad, it varies really. And it can be set to different difficulties so if you're really hardcore you can try your hand at beating a real tough baddie or if you're some whiny little wimp you can dull it down to that of the usual guard. They'll stand there, barely attack and smile back at you while to cut their arms off.

The damage works pretty good, you build up points with basic attacks. These points get translated to HP damage when you use an HP attack. If your number is purple and sparkly, you'll get a 1 hit kill. This can make the battles seem way to fast and easy or they can drag on.

Story mode is kinda dumb, you play some stupid board game that you can either A. Fly through and barely fight anyone other than the necessary enemies. Or you can plan out your DP and hit every target and beat every enemy. The board game can require a bit of tact to get everything, but if you do, its very rewarding.

Dual Coliseum is another fun game mode which essentially is you, fighting enemy after enemy after enemy. You can get better items with the more enemies you defeat. Most game types are just fight, fight fight. Which can get repetitive, but the sheer amount of leveling and items to unlock make for a ridiculous amount of re-playability.

Final Notes:If you're interested in this game, play the demo. That way you don't shell out money and wind up hating yourself for it if you don't like it. Fact of the matter, this is a pretty good game. Albeit fan-service.

Gamplay: 8
Graphics: 9
Replay: 9
Sound: 9
Online: N/A
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