Date: 03-20-2010 01:27
Reviewer: Heartbreak

Type: PSP
Genre: Action RPG
Developer: Capcom

Monster Hunter. The game that makes everyone in Japan go nuts. If you never heard of it, then you're obviously don't have any Japanese blood in you. It's a game that deserves lots of of love, but it's so hard to like you, Monster Hunter! You make it hard with your challenging gameplay! But I do love it, when I give it just enough of time, and who can't love a game where a cat cooks you food, as well as fight monsters with you?


In Unite, well, there is no real plot. There is a cut scene in the opening, but that's not a story. It just drops you into the world of Pokke village, where you can get starting to hunt some monsters, as well as lots of other things. But seriously, there is no story. If you're coming to get some drama action in this game, stay away, because there is no plot whatsoever.


Well... Mostly the same from Monster Hunter Freedom 2.. And that's an understatement. It's exactly the same as Freedom 2. Even that opening cut-scene I talked about earlier is the same. Unite is supposed to be treated as a expansion pack to Freedom 2, and it should be treated that way based on the content. First of all, you can import your data from the last game. Which means you can still bring over your kick-ass armor and weapons, to kick some more new monster ass, in Unite. There are 79 new quests you can take in Unite, which totals the total quest number above 400.

When you start off, you have little items. (Unless you imported from Freedom 2) In the beginning, the game will be hard. You have to grit and grind a little in the beginning to slay some of the beasts, but after a few hours dedicated in to the missions, you'll be able to gather some new materials for some new armor or weapons. And there's a lot of armor/weapons. Like over 700 weapons and over 1000s of armor types. There's just so much content crammed in here, it's just makes you feel all warm inside! Of course, gathering materials can be challenging if you don't know where to get it, especially for some awesome weapons/armor, but over 1700 combination of armor and weapons? You can't get mad at that concept. It's also all about the ways you get those materials. You can fish, farm, mine, hunt, slay, or gather for those materials, and I don't even know the number for the countless materials in this game.

The gameplay itself is also challenging. Some might be put off by the camera, due to its centering problem. You'll be running away from a monster, while also fiddling with the L or the D-Pad. But in my opinion, it's not that bad once you get used to it.

Environments interact with you in a way, very deeply for a PSP game. Say that you are wearing something with no cold protection from the cold weather, like in the snowy mountains. You'll be freezing your butt off, and also harder to spend your energy on things like running, or more importantly, running away from a gigantic monster. It's deep, and you have to think before you set off on a quest. Interaction is nice, as well as the looks. Monster Hunter is probably one of the best looking games for PSP out there. The textures are excellent, as well as the overall look, seeing that you're put in a huge terrain, such as deserts, jungles, etc.

Monster Hunter's musical score is also awesome, just like the gameplay. While you're in the village, you'll be presented with a quiet, calming sound. You'll hear the oceans moving around, and totally emerge you in to the environment. And of course, when you're fighting a monster, it'll be an intense musical tone, something that will put you in the mood to put the beast to sleep.


What can be more fun than slaying a monster that you cannot slay by yourself with up to 3 of your buddies? Probably nothing! In Unite, you can team up with 3 friends through ad-hoc only, or through Ad-Hoc Party for some online play with strangers (PS3 required). Playing with friends just make the whole experience easier. You could show him some tricks if he's a newbie, or maybe you're not good as him, and he can show you some tips as well. I do recommend playing with friends for the first few hours of the game while you learn because it makes things more fun. When I was having trouble with a nasty little beast called the Giadrome, I called in some support. More like helicopter support. A monster that I couldn't beat in 50 minutes, we beat that same monster in under 10 minutes. That's how easy a partner makes the whole Monster Hunter experience.

Last Words

Monster Hunter isn't a game for everybody, but it is a game that everybody should give a chance. If you can get through those tough first hours, you could be rewarded with a potential of about 300-400 more hours of gameplay in the future. It's just that good, something a PSP owner should experience.

Presentation: 9.5
Graphics: 10
Sound: 10
Gameplay: 9
Lifespan: 10
Overall: 9.7
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