Date: 11-11-2010 00:16
Reviewer: smish34

Type: PS3
Genre: FPS
Developer: Treyarch

COD: Black Ops, already hailed as the "Best game of the year" by many review sites and magazines, came out on the 9th November 2010. It's been developed by Treyarch, which has often been called "The other CoD developer". Although the negative comment applies to treyarch's follow up to the hard-to-beat COD4, this game has me wondering, "Are they The CoD developer that can take the series in the right direction?"

First the Single Player

The story is seen through the perspective of 4 different people, Alex Mason, Jason Hudson, Viktor Resnov and a USAF pilot. Mason is where the main story lies, as he recounts recent events while being interrogated. He starts of in Cuba during a covert op with his fellow soldiers Woods, and his right hand man Bowman (Played by Ice-cube). The story escalates to Mason sacrificing his freedom for the rest of the team to escape, and in-turn is captured and sent to a high security Russian prison. Don't worry about the story being spoilt, these two missions happen right-of-the-bat. In prison Mason meets a familiar face, W@W's Resnov. I wont divulge into more of the story apart from it revolves around the search for a lethal substance known as Nova-6.

The story is fantastic, albeit a little short, but it has many thrills which feel more like a movie at times. Going from Cuba, to Russia, Vietnam and Laos. The game has a much more interactive feel to than previous CoD title's, such as vehicles are drivable quite often, and one scene in particular where you Zip-line across a road to smash into a building and rescue a team mate.

The voice acting is superbly done, as Treyarch have gotten more celebrities than ever to do voices, from the likes of Ice-Cube (Rapper), Sam Worthington (Avatar, Terminator 4), Gary Oldman (Dark Knight, Fith Element), Ed Harris (The Rock) and Oleg Taktarov (Predators).

The Sound of the guns is one of the only bad points about the game, some of the guns sound underpowered and weak; take the CAR-15 Commando rifle as an example, it sounds very quiet compared to other guns, and feels just as bad.

Secondly Multi-player

One of the only reasons people buy CoD any more is for the Multiplayer, thankfully Treyarch have listened to their fan's and have scrapped many of the things that people felt ruined MW2. The ability to Quick-Scope is gone, and Shotguns are Primary's, as well the Model and Ranger shotgun have been taken out of MP. Nuke is no longer in the game, and having a good game ended early because of the Nuke is a thing of the past. I think this was a very wise decision by Treyarch.

The maps are very varied, and take place in many places seen in the campaign. One level in particular "Nuketown" is full of secrets, Such as the specially made RC-XD track, treyarch school bus, and a secret, when every mannequin's head is hot off in quick succession.

The guns are quite modern, but are a bit too modern and anachronistic for Cold War era, e.g. FAMAS FELIN was made in 2001. The game modes are very standard, and the wager matches are extremely fun, but at the same time frustrating.

Instant Action/Combat training is very good, and reminds me of non-online PS2 games (such as SW:B2 instant action), unfortunately needs to be played while hooked up to an internet connection.

Zombies, the dreaded Zombies

Everyone's favourite Nazi Zombies is back, but unfortunately, still Nazi Zombies, and not Communist/Vietnamese zombies. The story still follows the four from W@W, but they time travel to a cinema, (presumably in the 60's with all BO guns, bar one MP-40). Unfortunately still there is only 1 map Nazi Zombies map available (4 with code, presumably coming as download soon). The other two are the Dead Ops arcade, and "Five" the secret pentagon level. They're still very hard, as i have only got to round 7 with four (Experienced) friends.


Black Ops is a very good game, flawed with some dodgy graphics at some times, and hard to grasp campaign. Multiplayer is Balanced and very even for those whom MW2 had left a bad impression. The story is much more adult than previous titles as well, but does have some great moments. Zombies are fun, but although in a tiny package, still should have players playing for ages. Definitely a better game than MW2.

Single Player: 9.0
Graphics: 6.5
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