Date: 11-17-2010 21:02
Reviewer: smish34

Type: PS3
Genre: Action RPG
Developer: Obsidian Entertainment

Fallout New Vegas is the follow up to 2008's Fallout 3. It was developed by Obsidian Entertainment, with many returning developers from the original 2 Fallout titles. The game uses the same engine as Fallout 3, but this reworks it to include many new features.

First off the story
The game takes place 4 years after the events of Fallout 3, but does not in any way relate to it. No characters are the same, nor is there any mention of what happened back east. During the Great War, Mr House, owner of the 'Lucky 38' Casino, made counter measures to ensure the safety of Las Vegas. No Nuclear missiles hit Las Vegas,leaving the area Radiation free.

You (The Player) is a courier for the Mojave Express Delivery Service, delivering a package containing a Platinum Poker chip, to New Vegas. Unfortunately you are ambushed by a group of men. A few local 'Raiders', know as the Khans, and also one smart, well dressed man, known as Benny (Matthew Perry). He shoots you, and leaves you for dead in a Cemetery out-side of a small town South-West of Vegas, known as Good Springs. Fortunately for you a Robot, named Victor (William Sadler), digs you up and takes you to the Good Springs doctor. There the game begins, and you can customize the look, and traits of your character.
From then on The Courier tries to find Benny, and get back the platinum chip. Along the way, you come across various towns with various factions in them.

A returning Faction from Fallout 2 is the New California Republic (NCR), a power hungry, democratic faction with a large army and bases all around the Mojave. The NCR try to hold the Hoover Dam, and the Mojave Wasteland, as much as they can. The Second main faction you come across are The Legion, or Caesar's Legion.They are a Roman-Type slave faction, that have a huge base on the West side of Hoover Dam. They have various bases spread very Thinly across the Wasteland, but are very Powerful. They are lead by Caesar, who like the NCR, is a power hungry man, looking to cross the dam, and push the NCR back into California and take New Vegas as their own.

As the Player progresses they meet various side factions, including some old friends from back east, the Xenophobic Boomers, the Powder Gangers, The followers of the apocalypse, and finally Mr House himself. He wants what is best for New Vegas, so he tries to stay in control over New Vegas and keep peace.

Secondly Multipla...Wait there isnt any
Although that may for some people seem a bad thing, 'a new game without multi-player, why would i buy that?' It really isn't. This game doesn't need any multi-player, as it would be very awkward, and would probably get boring very quickly. The game is about the Story, and free roam multi-player similar to 'Red Dead Redemption' would be very slow, as you have to walk everywhere, or discover each location, to fast travel. This breaks the flow of multi-player and the online Mojave Wasteland would be empty as if Nukes had hit it. I would have liked to have seen a Drop-in, Drop-out Co-Op System, where a friend could tag along, though.

Graphics and Bugs
While many criticise the Graphics for being outdated, and on an old engine, i personally don't mind them. In fact i think they are quite good. They arent really bad, and i like how the game looks and feels. Its amazing how much stuff they can fit into the Mojave Sandbox. Some graphics are a bit dodgy, and the game can lag sometimes (especially on the Hoover Dam), but it still is very Good

Now where the graphics are criticized but i like them, the technical bugs are something i don't like. Within a week of having it, it had crashed at least 5 times, and i am currently at a huge bug where it will corrupt my save if i enter 'The Strip'. During the first quest, the doctors head will spin in a complete 360 degree angle. Thankfully some of these problems have been patched. But it is still a very buggy game.

Upgrades from Fallout 3 and Conclusion
Thankfully Obsidian has integrated Iron Sight aiming for guns, and it will actually do meaningful damage. Every Enemy doesn't have to be killed using V.A.T.S, which is something i really like, as V.A.T.S was quite annoying in Fallout 3. The atmosphere seems much nicer in F:NV, as the sky is a visible blue everywhere you go. Water in the lake isn't irradiated, so drinking and swimming is fine. The Whole map feels bigger, and there is much more to explore.

To conclude this review, i say that F:NV, is a brilliant game, well deserving of the critical praise, even though bugs are throughout. The game is a huge improvement over Fallout 3, and the inclusion of New Vegas actually being a town with lights, safety, and class is a welcome sight. Not to mention the amount of actors, such as Matthew Perry (Friends), Ron Pearlman (Hellboy, Blade 2), Kris Kristofferson (Blade), Danny Trejo (Machete), Rob Corddry (The Daily Show) and Mr Las Vegas (and New Vegas) Wayne Newton. I recommend this to anyone who loves RPG's such as Fallout 3, Deus Ex and even a Non-RPG like Bioshock.

Voice Acting:9
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