Date: 01-14-2011 21:17
Author: Miguel Medina

PDC profile: Miguel

Who says that you can't buy Angry Birds on every platform and not get bored? The amazingly popular title has finally hit the PSP/PS3 minis service to offer a taste of what you've been missing. Out of all the minis I have played since their launch, this is truly one of the best.

What a PlayStation Mini Should Be!
The world has accepted Angry Birds with open arms. It has made numerous appearances in the news, there are cuddly plush toys, and it even has an upcoming board game. If you want a game that you can enjoy in short bursts, then this is what you're definitely going to get. Since this title was ported to the Minis franchise, you might think the value and addictiveness of the original would have lessened, but it certainly has not! It is just as fun, if not even better than the original for those who prefer physical controls. The massive amount of levels for the price can't be beaten. I truly got my money's worth out of this purchase.

Why So Angry?

A nest full of the bird's eggs have been stolen by the greedy pigs, because they want nothing more than to cook and eat the eggs. As you can imagine, this definitely ticks off the birds and sets them on their mission to get their eggs back. There are nearly 195 levels for you to play through, which is an astonishing amount for a sub-$5 game. There are minis on the PS Store that cost more, and yet they don't offer as much playability as this.

At the beginning of a game you start with a basic red bird that doesn't have any special abilities. Using the analog stick you can control where to aim the bird. Letting it go or pressing the button will launch the bird. As the levels progress, you add different birds to your arsenal, with each birds having a different style of attacking. You must utilize these different forms of attacks in order to accomplish the level to the best of your ability. For example, the mini blue birds are excellent for destroying ice blocks, which pave the way for the black bomb birds to do massive damage against a castle to knock the pigs out! The levels, as you can imagine, will become much harder and slightly more annoying, as some levels can take up to 20 minutes of constant attempts to figure out a way of defeating all the pigs. Of course, you don't have to use all the birds at your disposal on each level. The more birds you save, the more points you earn as well. Also if you complete a level, you will earn 1, 2, or 3 stars based on your score, the more damage done with the most amount of birds left will give you the largest score. There are even golden egg special levels, each have a different characteristic and are more for fun than strategy.

Smaller Screen, Less Fun?
The mini has been optimized for the PSP's 480x272 resolution. The PS3 can also play the mini, but in this same resolution. To be honest it looks to be the same quality when compared to the platforms it was originally ported from. The only downside of this version of Angry Birds is that the frame-rate stutters on the larger levels containing many objects. I found that it sometimes caused me to miss my target. This is because some birds have an effect you can trigger by pressing the button, and the slow frame-rate caused me to miss my target. This issue was initially annoying, but it became less impacting as I played.

My Final Thoughts?
Angry Birds continues to pave the way of what it means to be a true mini with a low price and a high production quality. I suggest that everyone who reads this article should buy this game, simply because it is the best minis available. The addicting, entertaining, quick level-to-level gameplay is exactly what I expect from my minis. Angry Birds is definitely the mini of the year!

Developed by Rovio Mobile, Angry birds is available on the European and North American Playstation Stores. I slung my ill-tempered birds for about 4 hours, completing roughly 80 levels.

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