Date: 01-25-2011 09:50
Author: Jesse Dietderich

PDC profile: Jesse

The PSP-ized version of this music/puzzle game is nearly identical to the PS3 version, yet Auditorium for the PSP does have a few issues that you must overcome before you can consider it a worthwhile purchase.

Some of the Particles Are Missing
Auditorium is more like a Minis title than a full fledge PSP title. It is not only based off a web-game developed in Flash, but it is an exact copy of the web-game that goes by the same name. I have already played the PS3's HD version beating every level, and reviewed it for PDC. The PSP version of the game is similar to the PS3 version in that it has the 72 original "Classic" levels that were featured in the flash version of the game, but lacks the newly added "Modern" levels. This is a disappointment because I felt that the biggest selling point of the PS3 version was that it wasn't just the same game that is playable online for free. They took a great online game and doubled it. Now this doesn't mean that the PSP version isn't a great game. Auditorium is a fine example of a game made for portable play. I can't really say anything bad about the game itself. I only can really find fault at the way it was packaged and priced.

Compose Those Boxes Full of Particles
There aren't any instructions to the game. You jump right into the thick of things, and have to learn how to use the tools given to you in order to complete each stage. The tools make use of the game's physics engine by allowing you to bounce the particles around in different directions, speed them up, swirl them around, reverse their direction, and so on. Your goal is to divert the particle streams into containers. There are many puzzle elements added while playing. For instance, some containers will only fill up with certain color particles, and so you need to solve the route which will color the particles correctly and get them to the proper containers. As you fill the containers up with particles, the musical score slowly fades in. This is the main selling point of the game for me. I was extremely satisfied while solving the puzzles and creating a symphony of music in the process.

My Final Words
Auditorium brings a good amount of entertainment to the table and it is nice that it is provided in a portable format. It can be played by people of any skill level. The later stages challenge you by demanding a more analytical approach to the puzzle solving. The colors, the physics, and the music are nearly identical to the PS3 version and are successfully maintained to make this a great game. The last thing I'd like to complain about is the cost. With half the levels of the HD version, you would expect it to cost less. Sadly, at the time of writing this review, both versions of the game have an identical cost in the PlayStation Store. Yet I can still recommend this game for those who have the funds to buy it, because it really is a fantastic game.

Cipher Prime is the original developer for Auditorium. It has been released in North American on the PSN. Auditorium has an asking price of $9.99 USD and measures 24mb in size. I put in at two hours in playing through every level this game had to offer.

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