Date: 01-19-2011 23:12
Reviewer: ?

Type: PS3
Genre: Shooter/RPG
Developer: Obsidian Entertainment

Fallout: New Vegas is the "follow-up" to Bethesda's 2008 juggernaut, Fallout 3. Does it live up to the name? Is it worth your hard earned bottle caps? Find out, in my reveiw.

The Story
New Vegas is placed 4 years after the events of Fallout 3. That's it though, no other ties to Fallout 3, other than the returning Brotherhood of Steel. Now the proprietor of New Vegas, Mr.House strangely enough, took special precautions to protect Vegas during the Great War, this in turn deterred bombs from hitting and made Vegas (mostly) radiation free.

The game starts off with you ...strangely enough... being shot in the face *cough* Call of Duty *cough*. Time to pack it up you might think... well if you did think that you would be wrong. You see the wasteland is a strange place, filled with even stranger people. Saved by a robot named Victor, you awaken in a town called Goodsprings, next to a creepy old guy who apparently "fixed you right up". Uh huh... whatever floats your boat old man. Here you will be able to change your appearance, pick your S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats, your first two perks, and your Tag! skills... anyone who played Fallout 3 will recognize this. After your physical *cough* you make your way out on a path of revenge, a path of destruction, a path... to reclaim your casino chip. You see that's what Matthew Perry...I mean Benny... was after all along... he was the one that shot you, he was the one that stole your chip. He must pay... or die... either way.

Now before you can track down Benny you will run into a LOT of people who will want your help. Why? I'm not sure... I think the radiation went to everyone's head and made them extremely lazy. Even worse is that your character has some sort of "moral obligation" to perform these mind numbing tasks. Maybe the radiation hit him in a different way. Hmmm... anyway moving on. Now don't get me wrong, these tasks are fun, it's what makes the game. I'm just saying that it seems your character always HAS got to do something for somebody. Which brings me to my next point, the factions. Along your adventure you will run into various factions, including the power hungry NCR, the extremist's known only as Ceaser's Legion, the technology hungry Brotherhood of Steel, the blood thirsty Powder Gangers, and finally the peaceful Followers of the Apocalypse. Choosing who you align with will not only effect the ending of the game, but will also effect who will shoot you, and who will welcome your very presence. Choose carefully, because in the Mojave, there is no room for mistakes...

Ah, Fallout, whether your newbie to the series and this is your first plunge into the Fallout universe, or your are a seasoned veteran of the wasteland, New Vegas has something to offer for everybody.

First off a returning feature from Fallout 3, the karma system. Do something bad (like pickpocket) and your karma will go down. Do something good (like kill a Powder Ganger) your karma will go up. Now let's day you do something really nasty, like eradicate a town (Goodsprings for example) well that's just evil and your karma will not go down as much as it should, but a good chunk. Likewise if you do something really good like hug a ghoul (seriously... it takes a heart of gold) then you will find that your karma will go up a lot.

It's got a pretty basic, aim and shoot interface. Fallout 3 vets will be right at home. Leveling up is a little different, perks are awarded for every 2 levels, instead of every level. Challenges are now available to complete, and completing said challenges will result in a reward in the form of a perk. For example the "Lord of Death" challenge requires you to kill things, kill enough things and you will be rewarded with some experience and the "Lord of Death" perk, which increases the damage you do to everything. Followers will also add perks, Boone, for example, will add the "Spotter" perk, which will make all enemies outlined in red when you aim. Finally New Vegas allows you to customize your weapons. Adding scopes, mag extenders, silencers, you name it. Which, in my opinion, was the only worthwhile change from Fallout 3. Various little touches added to improve the Fallout 3 system, but nothing to get uber excited over.

Something else new to the Fallout series, is gambling. You've got your basic casino games, slots, blackjack, and roulette. However, Caravan is where it's at. A game banned from casino's it is a good way to earn a quick buck, or lose all your fortune. Fun and addicting (like real life!), it is a welcome addition to the Fallout universe.

Now for the part you have all been waiting for, the bugs. Heads will spin (literally), the environment will lag, the game will freeze, sometimes it even crashes, and many, many more errors. I've had the game crash on me over 5 times, which is unacceptable, and the game has frozen on me so many times I've lost count. The thing is I keep coming back, that should tell you something. Some days the game behaves and won't give you a single problem. Other days it will barely let you play five minutes. If your a patient person then this may not bother you so much, but if you hurl your controller at the first sign of lag, or you yell at the characters because they aren't moving, this game may not be worth it.

The Multiplayer
Moving on....

The sound in Fallout: New Vegas is... well the sound from Fallout 3. Guns sound like guns, human sound like humans (except for Matthew Perry...he still scares me, even after Friends). The voice acting, for the most part, is superb, Ron Pearlman is back along with Matthew Perry, Kris Kristofferson, Danny Trejo, and Rob Corddry. The music on the other hand is... well it's boring. To be honest I only enjoyed one or two songs and found myself switching over to listen to my iPod instead of the game sound. Which is a real pain because then I can't hear the characters talk (thank heaven for subtitles). In other words everything is on par with it's predecessor, with the exception of the music, which is more of a downgrade.

Again... not much to see. Outdated graphics from a four year old engine. With possibly even more graphical errors than Fallout 3. Sub par...that's pretty much all I can say. While not extremely bad, after two years, I expect at least the trees to look a little better.

The Verdict
New Vegas is here... and it's not going back. I just can't help but wonder... maybe it should have spent a couple more months in the shop. It is basically Fallout 3 with a new skin. Not that that's all a bad thing, I mean why change a good thing right? My grip is that they have the nerve to sell this at a full $70 when it should have been a $30-$40 dollar expansion pack. It's outdated, there isn't enough new, and there is too much wrong for me to recommend anyone actually buy this game at full price. Wait for it to drop to the $40 dollar price range and then it is a decent buy, but right now... it's just not worth your caps.

Story- 7

Gameplay- 7

Sound- 6

Graphics- 6

Overall- 6.5
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