Date: 01-23-2011 22:01
Author: Zahir Merchant

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When someone asks you to name an animal that flies, a hamster is probably not likely to be your first choice. However, The Flying Hamster is about, well, a flying hamster. Is this high-altitude shooter worth looking up?

Time to Soar
The game's story is pretty simple. You are a hamster that goes out on a date with your lady hamster friend to share some tasty snacks. Right in the middle of your feast, your girl is kidnapped by birds. Immediately you grab a nearby plant, strap it to your back, and use it as a propeller to chase after the kidnappers and rescue the girl.

Nom Nom Nom

The Flying Hamster is a horizontal side-scrolling shooter with a gameplay setup obviously inspired by arcade games of old. You start out with five credits, each credit equals three lives. If you lose all your credits, you return to the title screen to choose what area and stage you want to start from. The game spans across five areas in its story, which contains four stages within each one. At the end of the fourth stage, there is always a boss waiting for you. Your default attack is your spit attack, which can be either shot rapidly or charged for one powerful shot. You can power up your spit attack by eating various foods or other objects scattered around the environment while exploring areas. Each item has different traits. For example, bananas act as boomerangs, firing forward, than flying back to get enemies sneaking up on you from behind. Another power up is beer, which enables you to fire a continuous stream of beer at your foes. Each item has a charge mode similar to the regular spit attack. Sometimes it is just a more powerful variation of the same attack, but at other times, it can do something unique, such as form a shield around you. After using a power-up for a while, your gauge will drain, and you will either have to refill it by collecting more of the item or go back to your regular unlimited spit attack.

Pew Pew Pew
Bottom line, The Flying Hamster is an average side-scrolling shooter that will please fans of the genre. The music and art style is very well produced, and the characters are all so cute it hurts. The story is minimal and isn't much to talk about, considering each cutscene is only a few seconds long each has no dialouge, but it is cute . The game keeps track of your high scores, and there is also a hard difficulty that changes up the day/night cycles on the stages so replayability is there for those who want it. The game can be a little too tough at times for people who don't play these types of games all too often like myself, but the game is good about giving reasonable checkpoints and a level select so you won't be too frustrated. The Flying Hamster is another great Mini that gives you a lot of game for a little cash and memory.

The Flying Hamster is a PS Mini developed by The Game Atelier. It is available now for $5.99/4.99 in both North American & European PlayStation Stores. The game is a 46mb download. I played the game for roughly 2 hours on my PS3.

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