Date: 01-27-2011 07:05
Author: Jesse

Let's get the PDC stuff out of the way quickly. Clan forums will be closed this coming Monday, brand new Online forums are ready to go, and we have 4 staff members get promoted to moderator status. Now onto the stuff you really care about ... PlayStation games for Android devices and Sony's new Portable system! Continue on to take a look at some images, tech specs, and software that has been announced.

Until we get forums made for these two nice additions to the PlayStation hardware range, I ask that you refrain from posting anything about these in the PlayStation Portable forums as neither of these carry the PlayStation Portable name. Details will be posted here as we verify them.

PlayStation Suite / PlayStation Certified
PlayStation Suite is a new line of PlayStation software that will be made to run on devices that run the Android operating system such as cellphones and tablets. As you can see from the photos below (thanks Engadget), the software that they are going to be releasing will consist of PSone games. The good news is that new software intended for this PS Suite will be getting made and released this year and will carry the PlayStation Certified label. This label is to show that the games are going to be Sony PlayStation quality. All PlayStation Suite software will be compatible with PlayStation devices (assuming he is referring to PSP & PS3 at this point).

"Next Generation Portable" / NGP
Well we got a bit of news about the hardware of this new (currently not called the PSP2) portable system from Sony.
    - Two micro analog sticks
    - Front and rear cameras
    - New game media
    - 5 inch OLED touch screen
    - Resolution of 960x544
    - Touch pad on the back
    - Gyrosensor + accelerometer (aka motion control)
    - Flash memory based
    - Built-in microphone
    - Wifi B/G/N compatibility
    - Built-in GPS
    - Built-in Bluetooth
    - Battery life is comparable to the PSP
    - 3G wireless is optional (separate sku)
    - Release date is holiday 2011 (unknown for which regions)
    - more details HERE

As for the software there are also some details that have come out that we can list as well.
    - PlayStation 3 quality graphics
    - Live Arena (what the XMB has been replaced by)
    - location software called Near (unknown if location is obtained by wifi, 3g, or unannounced gps)
    - in-game camera can rotate using gyrosensors
    - control inputs can combine normal buttons with the back trackpad, as well as the front touch screen
    - still got us a Browser
    - Trophy support!
    - PSN messaging support!
    - backwards compatible with PSP downloads!!!

Here is a short (more than likely incomplete) list of games.
    - Hot Shots Golf
    - Killzone
    - Uncharted
    - WipeOut
    - Resistance
    - LittleBigPlanet
    - Hustle Kings
    - Monster Hunter Portable 3rd
    - Metal Gear Solid 4 (tech demo)
    - Call of Duty
    - a few more new titles

If there is any additional stuff that pops up we'll be listing it here while we work on getting a forum made for the NGP by Feb. 1, 2011. We got a NGP forum to handle all talk about Sony's new portable. Please remember to read the READ FIRST thread prior to starting your first topic in the new forum.

Also, I'm not 100% if PS Suite will get a forum, but perhaps the PSone will be converted over to shoulder the burden if anyone wants to talk about PS Suite stuff.
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