Date: 01-30-2011 22:37
Reviewer: SilentWyvern

Type: Minis
Genre: Sidescroller
Developer: The Game Atelier

Take to the skies in this epic adventure of flying hamsters, fish throwing bears, laser shooting owls, exploding eggs and sheer bizarre-ness.

Story: The story begins with a hamster on a date with his girlfriend. She trips over a golden seed and is immediately kidnapped. Being a hamster, you do the 1st thing any reasonable person would do in that situation, grap a propeller leaf and take to the skies!
The story doesn't take itself seriously at all, there is no voice-overs and the cutscene are only a few seconds long, but they're entertaining.

Presentation: The game is has a very "cutesy" look to it. But its all very entertaining Sprites don't have alot of animation to them, but it all works. Music is pretty good. Sound effects are all you'd expect. Presentation is pretty good.

Gameplay: If you've played side scrolling shooters, this game will be nothing new to you, if you've never played a side scrolling shooter, it'll take all of about 2 seconds to master. You move with the analog nub or d-pad, shooting can be mapped onto any other buttons you want. You have 2 shooting styles, rapid, and charge. Picking up objects gives you new weapons, you can only carry one weapon. Beer shoots a continuous stream, seeds shoot out like a machine gun. Charging a weapon changes it's affects either drastically or slightly, like the bananas. When shot normally bananas act like boomerangs, but when charges they circle you like a shield.
You start out with 3 hearts and 5 credits. The more you play you'll unlock more credits, I have 8 now. There are 5 very different levels with 4 sections. Each level has a boss. Levels aren't too hard at first, but they'll get harder. There is a hard mode which changes the locals from night to day and vice versa, not to mention enemies are harder.
The Flying Hamster is a game you really only need to pick up and play for a little bit to get a whole lot of fun out of it. The game is just bizarre and very funny.

Final Notes: This is how a minis should be. I wish there was more levels but this is good enough. I have pretty much no complaints with this game. Which is odd because I find flaws in everything.

Gamplay: 5
Graphics: 5
Replay: 5
Sound: 5
Overall: 5/5
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