Date: 01-31-2011 01:44
Reviewer: Halladay

Type: PS3
Genre: Sports, Wrestling
Developer: Yuke's

Breaking into 2010 is the WWE series. If you liked 2009, you’ll probably like 2010 even better, although this is my introduction to the franchise, so reading the rest of the review will help you form your own decision.

Gameplay: WWE plays well considering its roots. Very realistic actions really help the fighting system out. I was impressed with the controls of the game, it plays very smooth and all moves are easily accessible to a beginner, such as myself. At the beginning of the game there is a training spot where you can just practice moves, as pop-ups introduce new ones when you’re in the right position. There are several modes to play, and the gameplay is always the same, which can be both a positive or negative aspect depending on your preference of play. I find it to be positive because the gameplay is so enjoyable. Each character has their own set of moves, and from what I’ve seen, all the special moves exactly imitate the real wrestler, which makes it all the more enjoyable to pound some virtual ones. There are many different modes in SvR 2010, including all your favorites like Royal Rumble and TLC matches. The Road to Wrestle Mania mode is my favorite, where you can make decisions that will impact your relations with other wrestlers and different unlocked content.

Graphics: The graphics are great at a first glimpse, although fall to “good” when you see all of the factors. While overall the specs are really nice, especially the costumes, etc. Where it switches to bad is during some special moves, where like the real deal, damage doesn’t always connect. You’ll see (for example a choke slam) your wrestler grab the wrong place while the move is going on, so it actually turns out to be a “left nipple” slam if I may call it. Now this takes me out of my groove most of the time, but for wrestling fans this is easily overseen. Otherwise, everything is nicely illustrated, especially the profile images for the wrestlers at the selection screen. The character structure is fairly accurate from what I have seen of the WWE also.

Sound: The soundtrack is filled with wrestler entrance music which is great. Even when at the menu screen the music player will rotate between different entry songs, firing you up to play. A good blend and variety. The commentary is great too, it’s not repetitive and the reactions are priceless, especially when hitting a choke slam on the announcer’s table. This along with the voices for the wrestlers provides a solid and realistic experience, also really helping the cut-scenes in certain modes. You’ll enjoy the sounds that compliment SvR 2010, I can guarantee that.

Lifespan: There are many modes, including Road To WrestleMania, which will take 7-8 hours in itself to fully experience (5 wrestlers + your created superstar). RTW really introduces you to all the game modes, but playing them over is still somewhat enjoyable depending on your initial satisfaction. The array of different wrestlers really does help too, especially the return of none other then The Rock. Customization is absolutely crazy in 2010, everything from building your own diving finisher, to entrance movie, to wrestling scene. You can even use a [simple] paint tool to design your own mask for your superstar. You’ll get a lot of playing time out of SvR 2010, and through almost all of this you’ll have a blast while playing.

Final Note: If you look forward to Monday night Raw every week, chances are you have this game if you own a PS3. If your not a fan (like myself), you’ll probably still like this game for what it is. Not an expensive game by any means, it’s definitely worth the purchase.

Gameplay: 8
Graphics: 7
Sound: 8
Lifespan: 8
Overall: 7.8
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