Date: 02-08-2011 02:01
Author: Zahir Merchant

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You are on a space station in the middle of nowhere when suddenly aliens attack! Naturally, you have to fight through the horde of extraterrestrials and escape. This plot is getting repeated, yet again, in Alien Breed 2: Assault, but does it have enough to make it fresh?

Bang Bang, You're Dead

Alien Breed 2 is a top-down dual-analog shooter that takes place right after then original game, Alien Breed: Evolution. After a very brief recap that is light on the details, you are thrown straight into the action. You step back into the shoes of protagonist Conrad, who is being guided through an alien decimated space ship by his partner Mia. Luckily, you aren't going in empty-handed. You collect an arsenal of weapons in the game, with your usual run of the mill weapons such as flash/stun grenades, shotguns, assault rifles, pistols, rocket launchers, and more. The game is fairly linear, but there are some extra paths you can explore to find more goodies.

Aliens Everywhere!
There are 5 stages in total for the Campaign, and each one, depending on your skill level, takes roughly an hour to play. In-between each stage is a cutscene that moves the plot along. The cutscenes have a comic book style to them, which looks rather nice. Unfortunately, even though these cutscenes are fully voiced, none of the dialog in-game got the same treatment. Instead, in-game conversations appear as small green text located in the corner of the screen. This can inconveniently cause you to miss some key plot points, because you are too focused on shooting aliens to read the text.

To the Escape Pods!
So what is there to do after you finish the Campaign mode? Well, there's a Survival mode, where hordes of enemies swarm in waves until you cannot take it anymore. You can also play cooperatively with a friend, either online or offline Multiplayer mode. Unfortunately, I couldn't test the online multiplayer because I never found anyone online to play with. So if you plan to play this game's Co-op mode, be sure to have a buddy that either has the game and an internet connection, or one who can come to your house. I didn't get to play through the Co-op campaign, but the game's narrative gets adjusted to account for the two players. Rather than either player taking on the role of Conrad, you both are set out to find him on the ship. Even though I didn't play through this alternate story, I appreciate that the effort was made to come up with a tweaked story to explain the presence of a second person, instead of just dropping them in.

Time to Land
All in all, Alien Breed 2: Assault is a solid game that gives a great amount of content for a low price. The graphics and art style are decent, and the lighting in the game is impressive. The lighting combined with the minimal soundtrack helps build some tension while navigating through the darkest areas of the game. I enjoyed the game, but felt lost in the story without having played Alien Breed: Evolution prior to playing the sequel. Also, I'll say it again, this game would have benefited tremendously from having voice overs throughout the entire game. And lastly, the lack of online activity was rather disappointing.

Alien Breed 2: Assault was developed by Team 17. It is available now for $9.99/8.99 on the NA/EU PlayStation stores for the PS3. I played the single player portion of the game for 4 hours. I was unable to try any of the multiplayer components.

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