Date: 02-08-2011 18:00
Author: Mason King

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Edge is a puzzle game where you traverse a moving landscape with a cube. But does it have anything special to stand out from the vast amount of puzzlers already available on the PlayStation Store?


Edge consists of 46 levels of play. They are all simple in design, and are also all suspended in space. The game has a very science-fiction feel to it, considering that the game includes a robotic voice that reads out the level names, an electronic soundtrack, and some futuristic level designs. My initial thoughts were that the scenery was dull, since the platforms were all grey, and that the only thing that held any colour was your cube. But I soon discovered that the gameplay allows you to forget about all of that. Along your path to the finish point on a level, you must first tackle obstacles in the environment which involve pressing switches to move platforms, shrinking your cube to scale different areas, and more. The one gameplay mechanic I particularly enjoyed cropped up half way through the game, where you can hang on the edge of moving blocks (a move similar to a ‘lip-trick’ in skateboarding), to reach new areas and progress. You get bonus points for keeping it going for longer, which was also a nice touch.

The game itself isn’t very hard, and forgives you for making mistakes. Checkpoints are frequent, so you don’t get frustrated when you get stuck on a particular section of a level. But you won’t find yourself getting stuck often, as the level designs are linear and quite basic. Tutorials also appear in some levels, to introduce you to new mechanics. These are shown with a ‘ghost’ cube, to show you what to do. However, this doesn’t mean the game is dumbed down, because you’ll be using your mind to solve puzzles while you enjoy your journey.

What Else?
Although you can criticize the dullness of the scenery, you can also enjoy the uniqueness of what it can produce. At one point, the cube you control is situated on top of a set of moving blocks, that combined, resembled a transformer robot with your cube as the head. Another point in the game scatters you along on a block-spider. These moments were very enjoyable to watch, but they also showcased how creative you can be with some very simple shapes. The game is light on additional features, which I've come to expect from a minis title. However, you can definitely boost up the re-playability of the game by replaying the levels to boost your rankings and improve your times. I enjoyed finding new and faster routes to complete the levels.

On the Edge
Edge is a fun game, and you do certainly get a lot of content here, even with it lacking any additional features. The price tag might be a little bit high, but it’ll certainly be a good purchase. You’ll find a few hours of fun here with this interesting take on the block-moving puzzler genre.

Edge was produced by Mobigames, and was released onto the Minis platform in Europe with a €4.99 price tag. I spent a 3-4 hours playing through the game using my PSP Go.

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