Date: 02-23-2011 20:01
Author: Matt Fernandes

PDC profile: SilentWyvern

WackyLands Boss has you taking control of a monster, to put an end to human happiness. If smashing, punching, stomping and burning your way through waves of heroes seems like a good time, this game may have you covered.

You're the Boss!
While most games have you playing as the valiant and noble hero, WackyLands Boss takes a different approach, by letting you play as the biggest, nastiest, ugliest boss monster instead! When humans decide to build a castle in your countryside, you're not about to take that lying down. You embark on a journey to clear out all humans so you can once again enjoy the view of the countryside, in peace! The whole plot can be summed up as: "There are humans over there, go smash them." While the game's concept has a very simplistic premise, it makes for some entertaining gameplay.

Punch, Stomp, RAGE!!!
Gameplay in WackyLands Boss is incredibly simple. You move horizontally and attack any tiny humans on the screen by using either light or heavy attacks. You can eat a princess to regain your health. As you fight your way through hoards of scurrying humans, cannons, towers, and small castles, you build up a rage meter. Unleashing a fire breath to set your enemies running around on fire, or stomping on the ground to send them all flying can be achieve at the cost of a small amount of your rage meter. By letting the meter fill completely allows you to unleash your ultimate attack, the RAGE. This is an attack that sends all the people flying into the air on fire! The game spans 13 levels and 1 arena level. Arena mode allows you fight wave after wave of enemies as the difficulty level increases. As hilarious as it is to see little people being burned alive then punching them in their charred face, the game is simply just a side scrolling button masher. And like any button masher, playing it for hours on end does definitely get old really fast. However, if played in short game sessions, its very entertaining.

The level curve isn't too bad, so you won't really have to worry about level grinding to beat harder enemies till the later levels. Even then you'll only need to grind 1 or 2 levels to beat the next level. Each level ends with a boss fight, but I did happen to notice that before and after a boss fight, the game froze up for a short period. It also runs a bit slower if there is a lot of enemies on the screen, too.

Build a Boss!
Your marauding monster can be customized as you level up. You can buy new armor pieces and weapons that raise your monster's stats. A number of weapons and armor parody different movies, video games, and music sources like the movie V for Vendetta, the band Blue Oyster Cult and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Luckily, equipment isn't too expensive, so you won't really have to worry about farming for cash. As you beat other bosses, you'll be able to harness the power they leave behind. This will add effects to your stomp attack, such as causing extra damage, shrinking your enemies, or even freezing them. I have been able to unlock every body set except for one, which I assume is unlockable by playing the arena.

Final Thoughts
This is an entertaining game, if you enjoy smashing hoards of people by mashing buttons. While there is hardly any skill needed to beat the game, it does get challenging if you don't upgrade your equipment. This normally isn't the kind of game that I take a second look at, yet I highly recommend this game. WackyLands Boss is definitely worth a look if you want a good minis game.

WackyLands Boss was developed by Fair Play Labs and is available on the NA PlayStation Store for $4.99. I spent about 7 hours crushing knights and castles to write this review. I completed the whole story and bought nearly all extra weapons and armor.

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