Date: 02-22-2011 21:56
Reviewer: Death

Type: PSP
Genre: Action, Third Person Shooter
Developer: Rebellion

The legendary Star Wars Battlefront series had returned to the PSP packed with new maps and features! But does this game live up to the greatness of the rest of the series? Or does this Death Star need to be destroyed?

Graphics: This game has been upgraded tremendously since Renegade Squadron, graphics and animation wise. When you sprint, it's no longer a stiff bodied jog but a soldier that is obviously under pressure from his equipment running like he is on a mission. However, doing simultaneous button presses can create some wacky animations. These aren't bad but they can be common. Also the amount of the FoW (Fog of War) has been greatly reduced to create a more realistic game.

Campaign Mode: Unlike Renegade Squadron, this game follows a Cloned Jedi named X2 through multiple battles that helped turn the tide of the war. During this story, you'll find yourself in many familiar maps like Yavin 4 and Vjun and even the Death Star. But this story does not really tie in with the Star Wars story. A few battles here and there tie in but not very many.

Gameplay: In addition to the new animations, the game has had a few control tweaks here and there. The lock on system has totally been redone, allowing you to switch targets by pressing down on the D-Pad. This game also allows you to fly from the planets surface into a space battle. And from the space battle, you can fly into your capital ship, or if you've destroyed the enemies shields, you can even fly into their capital ship and blow it up. But! You cannot do CTF games across ground and space battles.
The ship classes have been brought down to 2 different ships. A fighter class and a transport class which acts like a command post. Also returning in this game are the customize character and load-out options allowing you to change your appearance and change your guns and both of them have had upgrades which include more colors and new weapons.

Sound: The sound in this game is great. You'll find yourself humming along to familiar tunes from the Star Wars saga.

Online: This is where the game is broken. Smaller player slots for player hosted games, inability to go into space on player hosted games, hackers using lightsabers (Which can not be unlocked), and the fact that you can't hardly ever join a game without some noob with a game save joining and ruining your game. They added a friends list but that should be in a game anyway. Also, you cant put on passwords to protect your game from unwanted players like every other online game.

Graphics: 8
Sound: 10
Playability: 7
Story: 7
Gameplay: 8
Online: 0
Replay Value: 9
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