Date: 03-08-2011 21:38
Reviewer: Death

Type: PSP
Genre: Action, Unique Strategy
Developer: Slant Six Games

Tactical Strike is a rather new approach to gaming in general and SOCOM in particular. But should this new approach need to be sent back to the drawing board? Or do these SEALs strike perfectly?

The graphics are really detailed. All of the character skins have obviously worked to perfection. An outline appears around your team to show were they are and to tell which team you have selected, being Able or Bravo. Every once in a while the environments will look bad and the night vision can obstruct your view at times as it's very distracting.

A lot of detail went into this. Every Special Forces team has it's own language and accent set. From Australian, to German, to English, to even Korean. But the gun sounds are far from perfect. All of the guns that can have a suppressor put on them sound exactly the same or very close to it. And a lot of times, you won't even hear your guns shoot out the bullets.

The Gameplay in this game is very unique compared to many other games. In the center of your screen you see two giant [ ]. This is what you use for targeting enemies and moving around. You are in command of a four man team divided into Able and Bravo. If you tap the R shoulder button, you can switch between the two. If you hold R however, you select all four men. The L shoulder button switches between camera views and if you hold it, you can select a single man to do your dirty work. Movement is done using a movement skimmer which is rather glitchy and takes a while to move. This is done by tapping . But if you hold , many options pop up about how you want to move. Attacking is done by using the button. The beauty of this system is that you can tell your team when to attack using the "On my Signal" Command.
This game is a Strategy game and requires you to think. So if you get in a firefight, you'll notice your men will shoot at the cover that your enemies are behind. This is perfectly normal as this forces them behind cover. But things like standing out in the open and spinning around is not normal. It's like begging the cookie monster to come rip your head off and take the cookie. Except the cookie monster is a Tango and the cookie is your life. It's little things like that that can ruin a game. And trust me, there are alot of little things like that.

A senator of your country has been country kidnapped. (Oh Noes!) A special forces team is sent out to un-kidnap him. When you start off, you are sent to a menu with a dozen special forces units. I chose the Australian Special Air Service Regiment or SASR and the British Special Air Service or SAS as my country's special forces. (Note you can only do one at a time) But there are many others like the Navy SEALs, Korean 707, German KSK, and many more. The story is okay but I got pretty tired of the level layout every once in a while.

When I originally wrote this I put "Laggy, Sucks." but then I decided that was frowned upon. 1v1 games are pretty good but 2v2 games are terribly laggy. You can't go 4 steps without pausing. Ugh.
Beware of airstrike noobs when playing this. People use these just so they can say "I beat the hell out of you" when all they did was paint the target. There are a few good players out there and it does take a while to get used to playing against non bots.

Replay Value: 7
Overall: 8.4
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