Date: 03-11-2011 14:16
Reviewer: Cam

Type: PS3
Genre: First Person Shooter
Developer: Treyarch

The Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike map pack was released on March 3rd (PS3) and costs $14.99 on the NA PlayStation Store. This map pack includes four trophies, and five maps in total. Four maps are multiplayer maps, and one is a Zombie map.

Multiplayer Maps: The First Strike map pack has four multiplayer maps in it, as I said above. These maps are called Stadium, Kowloon, Discovery and Berlin Wall. I will split this section into sub-sections on every map.

Stadium: Stadium is partially a hockey rink, and partially hockey manager’s offices/building. The map is a medium sized map, and has lots of cool places to explore inside of it. It’s a great map, I think. It is a good size, and has lots of flank routes too, which can create intense Ground War and Headquarter games.

Kowloon: This map is based on the single-player level in Black Ops, “Numbers” which is on the rooftops of Kowloon, Hong Kong. If you have ever played on this map, you know that it has a couple of interesting features, like when a plane flies over you, just before the match begins. Another sweet feature in Kowloon are the ziplines. There are two ziplines placed in the map, and each can take you over parts of the map, which can make for an easy flank on your enemies.

Discovery: Discovery is based in a frozen German Outpost. This map is a large map, and like the other maps, has its own surprises. In Discovery, you can run across ice bridges. If you shoot at these bridges, you can see that the ice will break apart, and leave a big gap, which makes it harder for enemies to reach you. Discovery is a great map for Ground War games too, because of its size.

Berlin Wall: Berlin Wall is based in, well the Berlin Wall. In this map, the wall is broken apart, which means you can run to the other side. But be careful when you’re running to the other side, because the map has some tricks up it’s sleeve as well. If you step into a “red zone” as it’s called on your mini-map, you will activate an automatic turret which will kill you, and sound a siren. This map is a medium size map too, and is a good Team Deathmatch map, but it becomes a little crowded in a Ground War lobby.

The First Strike add-on also comes with a new map for Zombies: Ascension.

Ascension is packed with loads of new zombie action. Ascension features two new perks, which are called Stamin-up, and PhD Flopper. Stamin-up is the same as the “Marathon” perk in Multiplayer, as it extends your sprint duration before tiring. PhD Flopper is very useful for groups of zombies. PhD Flopper comes into play when you dive. When you dive while having PhD Flopper, it creates a small “nuke” effect around you, which kills/damages all zombies within a certain area of your dive. Ascension features some new interesting weapons too, like the Sickle, Gersh Device, and the Matryoshka Doll. The sickle is like the Bowie knife in Kino Der Toten; it is a bigger knife, which makes it easier to knife kill enemies in the higher rounds. The Matryoshka dolls are basically chain reaction explosions. If you throw one of the dolls, it will split into usually three smaller dolls which will fly in random directions. The Gersh device is essentially a black hole that sucks zombies up. The Gersh device only lasts 10 seconds, and you get 50 points for every zombie that it sucks up.

Instead of having a hell-hound round like other zombie maps do, Ascension has a monkey round, which can hurt a player much more. In the monkey round, small monkeys run around, and steal your current perks, by sabotaging the perk machines. These small creatures don’t just steal your perks, but they can also kill you (double whammy!).

Ascension is played in black and white colour until a player turns on the power, which makes gameplay a bit harder, and encourages players to turn on the power. Ascension also features the Pack-a-Punch machine, which makes weapons more powerful.

Here are my ratings for the First Strike Map Pack:

Gameplay: 9
Sound: 9
Graphics: 10
Lifetime: 10
Overall: 9.5
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