Date: 03-14-2011 05:30
Reviewer: ?

Type: PSP
Genre: Actoion RPG
Developer: Nippon Ichi Software

Cladun is a PSP game that was released on September 21st, 2010. This RPG stands out from other RPG’s by being an 8-bit style game, which is quite unique, considering newer games are going 3D. This game, to me, revives the 8-bit style from long ago.

Story: To tell the truth, throughout the game, I couldn’t help but feel that there wasn’t a story. You’ll be playing this game for the gameplay itself, and not really bother watching the short cut scenes this game has, unless you’re really intrested.

Gameplay: the gameplay for Cladun is complex, going from trivially easy, questionably difficult, and incredibly hard. One such level, Energy Square F3, was to me, (and quite possibly, everyone else who plays it), VERY hard. I ended up pumping my characters HP magic circle with apples. I’ll get to the Magic circle in a minute.

    D pad/Analog nub: Movement
    X: Attack
    Circle: Jump
    Triangle: Magic/Ability
    L: Switch Magic/Ability
    Square: Block
    R + Movement: Run (Increase Speed via Magic Circle)
    R + Movement + Square: Slide (Dodges certain attacks, and traps)
    R + Movement + Circle: Long Jump (Allows you to jump over trap triggers, as well as certain natural hazards)

Dungeons: In Cladun, the whole point is to get to the exit, which is usually blocked, and you’ll have to do something to unlock it, which can be very frustrating, or can be open, you just have to find it, depending on the situation. The Dungeons in Cladun have enemies, just like any good RPG, but in Cladun, and like in certain other RPG’s, enemies vary. Some are stronger, or faster, or are immune to certain attacks. Enemy strengths vary from monster to monster, and the stats they have are largely influenced on the Dungeon. If you’re in an Ice Dungeon, expect Ice Enemies that take on the Ice element, immune to freezing, weak to fire, and don’t slip on Ice. You know what I mean.

Magic Circle: Unlike other RPG’s like the Final Fantasy series, the way you can increase your character’s stats is via Magic Circle, which you have to experience first before you can understand. I found myself having fun attempting to make a good Magic Circle, and I think you will too. Basically, it’s like this:
    Main Character (You can change)
    Sub Character – 20 Mana (Can be Main Character if you select it)
    Artifact uses 10 mana, and Main Character get stat increase
    Sub character has 10 mana left over
    Removes Artifact from Magic Circle
    Sub Character gains 10 mana
    Main Character loses stat increase

I seriously hope you just understood that. Again, you have to experience the Magic Circle before you can understand it.

In Cladun , you can also make your own character, rather, the face. If you’re good with 8 bit design, have fun making your custom creation! If not, you’ll still have fun making your own character’s face.

Music/Graphics: The music is very good in Cladun. You can change the type of music that plays via options. The choices are Real and Retro, Real being modern day BGM, and Retro being the olden version of it.
The Graphics in Cladun are nothing to complain about. The weapons, shields, everything, in the game has a large amount of 8 bit detail, which is very impressive. Except the characters faces, which you’ll probably not care about in the long run.

Notes: Cladun stands for CLAssic DUNgeon.
Also Cladun X2 has been announced, but there is no release date, as of when this review was written.
Gameplay: 9
Music: 8
Graphics: 10
Lifespan: 10
Overall: 9.25
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