Date: 04-11-2011 00:01
Author: Steve Whitfield

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Need to get your brain in gear? Fancy some tricky problem solving? Wishing there was a PlayStation Mini that could do all of that and not put you in the poor house? Then there is no doubt that you will want to read on.

So What Exactly Do You Do?

Enigmo is a game all about problem solving. The aim is to get the droplets of water, lava and oil from point A to point B using a variety of different objects that work in different ways. Certain objects will bounce the droplets or let the droplets run down them while others will shoot out the droplets depending on which way the object is facing. There are a total of 8 objects at your disposal throughout the game.

When I first started playing, I found the first couple of levels to be fairly easy and beginner-friendly. However, once I got past level 5, things started to get a little trickier, forcing me to look at the layout it a few different ways before I managed to figure out where to put everything. To complete a level the containers need to be filled up with droplets. Each container needs to be filled up with 40 droplets to be considered full, and if you aren't constantly filling the containers they will slowly leak their contents. As the game progresses Enigmo gets harder and some levels will have more than one set of droplets that will have to be directed to their own container. There are 3 different types of droplets (water, lava, and oil), each with their own container. There are also rings in some levels where the droplets have to go through to open up part of the level. So to open a green gate, one must keep passing droplets going through a green ring. The ring/gate obstacle makes the whole concept of Enigmo much tougher, and I really had to think about the later puzzles.

I liked Enigmo as it helped me with problem solving, and most of the time, required me use my brain. The game has a total of 50 different mind-boggling puzzles to attempt, and each one has multiple solutions. There isn't any doubt that I will continue playing this for some time.

Drip Drip Drip!
Enigmo is entirely in 3D, which is quite unusual for a PlayStation Mini, since they are usually all 2D. Everything was bright and colourful, from the background right through to the actual level, which was pleasant to look at. The way the lava droplets glowed a bright orange made it all the more realistic. As for Enigmo's audio, it isn't bad at all. There is only background music present while navigating the menus, yet no music while in-game. The music that plays during your menu selection is calm and relaxing, which helped me get my brain ready for the tricky puzzle ahead. The sounds used in the game are great, but to be honest the only sound I want to comment on is the 'drip' that the droplets make. The droplets produce a very realistic liquid dripping sound, and their pitch changes slightly when they touch a different object.

So Do You Have What It Takes?
Do you think that you can use your mind to solve some seriously tricky puzzles? Then I say, "go for it!" Enigmo is good for using your brain as it helps you with problem solving skills, which in theory can even help you in your daily life. I thoroughly enjoyed this mini as it was tricky and tough, yet fun and exciting to play at the same time. If you think that your brain could do with some needed exercise, this is for you. It sadly doesn't contain any additional features or modes, but it takes quite a long time to get through all 50 stages. I will continue having fun playing Enigmo.

Engimo is a PlayStation Mini, developed by Pangea Software, and available on both the NA and EU PlayStation Stores. I played this mini for 2 hours on my PS3 before writing this review.

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