Date: 04-13-2011 14:01
Author: Steve Whitfield

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Ever wanted to manage your very own hotel? Fancy a bit of a challenge but don't want to turn out broke? Tired of answering questions? Then you may want to look into the PlayStation Mini called Jane's Hotel.

Who Is Jane?

Jane is the titular star of the game. The story starts off as she is looking through a photo album and recalls when she was a little girl and how her granny told her that her family used to own the most famous chain of hotels. Jane's grandma wanted to be a hotel manager, but her granny couldn't as her family had to move suddenly and leave everything they owned. Now Jane is determined to carry on the family business, so she goes out and conveniently finds a hotel for sale and buys it. This is where the player comes in.

The main objective of the game is to make sure that the hotel is running smoothly and that all the hotel's guests are happy. In the beginning, I started off with just a basic hotel with a desk, 4 rooms, and a coffee machine. There were many amenities and decorative items that I could add to my hotel, which would unlocked when my hotel got to a certain level of popularity. Once I reached 100% popularity, I could buy an upgrade that added one more star to my hotels rating and I could move on to the next hotel. All this was bought with my hard-earned money. The more things that were in my hotel, the more I needed to take care of. As the levels progressed, more people came to visit my hotel and they stayed longer (as long as I kept them happy).

There are a total of 5 hotels to play through, each containing 10 stages. Those 50 stages kept me playing for some time. However, the game itself lacks anything beyond the 50 stages. There are isn't any other modes or features that would extend the game's replay value.

Sounds Hectic!
The graphics in this game are a mix of standard 2D environments with 3D characters. This is good because it gives the game a nice fresh feel that makes it stand out against other PlayStation Minis on the PlayStation Store. The music is good, but can sometimes become a little repetitive. The background music changes every time a new star is earned, so the background music for the 2 star hotel differed from the first. In my opinion, I thought that the music was well suited for the game as it was calm and helps you to not stress out too much while playing.

So When Can I Start?
If you like games that test your memory and your reaction times then this game is for you. I had to be able to remember where everything was, because if I didn't react quickly enough, then I lost. I needed to be on my toes at all times in order to win. My main problem with the game is that is lacked any extra features and thus replay value suffered. The main game kept me going for quite a long time, but I would have liked more to do. This was really the one thing that turned me off from the game. If Jane gave me a few extra features, I probably would have enjoyed it more. Overall, if you are an aspiring hotel manager, this is a great way to test your skills.

Jane's Hotel is a PlayStation Mini developed by Realore Studios. I played it for around 2 hours on my PS3 and reached roughly about the halfway mark prior to writing this review.

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