Date: 04-22-2011 19:00
Author: Jesse

informational guide

This guide is meant to help PSP owners to find games that they would like to play/purchase. The construction of this guide is actually a collection of separate lists and guides that have been submitted to our website over the years. To view those who helped make this guide happen, visit the Reference page (link found below).

The questions asked to determine which game you should be are commonly;
    Is this game any good?
    Which of these games are better?
    Which games have "Gamesharing" features?
    Which games have ad-hoc multiplayer?
    Which games have online infrastructure?
    What is a good online game?
    What is a good _____ (insert any genre; ie FPS or RPG) game?
    What game can I get for $____ (usually small amounts)?

Whatever the reason you are looking for something, we find it highly inappropriate to ask these questions without utilizing the resources available. So this guide will hopefully help you find answers to any of the above questions and perhaps many more without too much work on your part.

Remember, you might need to combine some of the following resources. If you are looking for something specific, it is very rare that you will find it right away. Be patient and know that with a little effort, you can end up having a more enjoyable gaming experience.
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