Date: 04-27-2011 17:01
Author: Cam Ross

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The year is 2109 AD, and mankind has discovered planets which contain dinosaurs. The playable character is a rich man who enjoys hunting dinosaurs for sport. Does Carnivores make the shot, or miss miserably? Read on to find out!

Time To Hunt

Carnivores is a first person shooter (FPS) game, but it is unlike any FPS game I have ever played. The gameplay is very slow, and I spent most of my time locating dinosaurs and making the necessary kill shot. There are two main modes called Hunt mode and Trophy room. In Hunt mode, the player selects the map they would like to play on, the dinosaur they would like to hunt, and the weapon and attachments they would like to use. There are five different maps to hunt on, nine hunt-able dinosaurs, and six weapons to choose from. However, there is a catch, and in order to obtain all they must be purchased with in-game credits. The game automatically started me out with 50 credits, and as I continued to collect more credits by hunting dinosaurs. I eventually gained enough to start hunting bigger dinos with more powerful weapons, which earned me a ton of money quickly. It’s not always easy to kill a dinosaur though, some dinosaurs require multiple shots to be killed, and when they are shot once, they run far away, and it can be a pain to chase them down again. Dangerous types of dinosaurs have also eaten me after I have wounded them, which automatically ended my hunt. The biggest and most difficult dinosaur to take down in the game though, is the infamous Tyrannosaurus Rex, aka T-Rex. The T-Rex needs to be shot in the eye to be taken down, and this can be very difficult because the T-Rex moves around a lot and can eat the hunter.

The five maps vary quite a bit with some having lava, and others have just water, grass, and trees. The six weapons the game features are a pistol, shotgun, double barreled shotgun, crossbow, rifle, and sniper rifle. All these weapons have attachment options players can use as well. The four attachments available on all the weapons are radar, scent cover, camouflage and tranquilizer. Each of these options have their unique list of pros and cons. For example, I use tranquilizer bullets to earn more credits, but the dinosaurs I shoot with tranquilizer don't go into my trophy room, unlike dinosaurs shot with normal bullets/bows.

The controls in Carnivores were complicated for me at first, but eventually I got used to them. The , , and buttons control walking. The analog stick changes the character’s looking angle, the left shoulder button aims down the sights and the right shoulder button fires the weapon that is being used during the hunt. Players can also tell their character to make dinosaur calls with the left and right D-Pad buttons. There is a great feature called “Relocate,” which randomizes the location of the dinosaurs and the location of the hunter on the map. I used many times to either get unstuck from somewhere, or to relocate in hopes that dinosaurs will be closer to me. Another great thing about relocating is that the game gives the player unlimited Relocates.

Dinosaur Museum
In Carnivores, there is a room called “Trophy room”. The Trophy room has all the dinosaurs the player has killed on exhibit, sort of like a museum. The trophy room also displays how much the dinosaur weighed, its length, what range the dinosaur was killed from, and what weapon the dinosaur was killed with. These same stats also pop up when a dinosaur is killed in game. Dinosaurs automatically enter the trophy room once they are killed during one of the player's expeditions. When a dinosaur is killed (only killed, not tranquilized), a hovercraft comes and takes the dinosaur's body to the trophy room, so the player can keep hunting.

Is That a Tree or a Dinosaur?
The graphics in Carnivores are pretty good for a Mini, but it can be difficult to see things sometimes. Objects in the game automatically pop in as the player gets closer to them. There are also a few bugs with the graphics, like being able to walk inside a dead dinosaur. All in all, the graphics are good, for a Mini. However, the sound effects in Carnivores can be very repetitive and boring. When I was playing, most of the time I heard footsteps from me walking around and dinosaur calls. The sounds don't change much in the game, except when the player kills a dinosaur. When a dinosaur is killed, the player can hear the hunter call somebody on a radio to pick up the dead dinosaur body in a hovercraft.

Final Verdict
Overall, Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter was a fun game once I got started hunting bigger dinosaurs with better weapons. The game also has a couple downsides to it, such as the difficulty of the game and the sound effects. For example, when I would try to kill a dinosaur with a pistol, it took 4-6 shots, which makes it difficult to kill dinosaurs when you are just starting out. Even with these downsides, I would recommend buying this game if you enjoy hunting games, and medium-difficult games.

Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter was originally developed for Windows in 1998, and has been ported by BEATSHAPERS Inc. Carnivores retails on PSN for $4.99 US and €2.99 on the EU PSN. I spent about 2 hours playing this game on my PS3 before writing this review.

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