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Date: 04-27-2011 18:06
Reviewer: yeah_93

Type: PSP
Genre: Fighting/RPG
Developer: Square-Enix

The Graphics in Dissidia are best described as good. The character detail isn’t as good as Crisis Core, and it’s highly noticed with Cloud. It could be more detailed. Also, the facial animations are most of the times the same, and it’s weird when in a cutscene, Tidus is angry, but his expression is the same. However, overall, Dissidia is a good looking game. The battles run smoothly at 30 FPS, and the Stages are interactive. When a character is thrown to a wall, the wall will crush. Sometimes, they are completely destructive, and adds excitement to the game, because is a lot fun. Also, for example, when some characters perform an attack with a sword and it touches the ground, it will leave marks. It’s some kind of sense of interactivity with the world, that doesn’t appear in many games, especially RPGs.

The sound is quite peculiar. It is spectacular, the in battle sounds, and the Music selection is worthy of a Final Fantasy games, featuring arranges and different musical themes from past Final Fantasies. Not only that, but also features themes original to the game, with the band “Your Favorite Enemies” performing 2 of them. “Chaos- The last battle” is one of the saddest themes performed in a final boss I’ve ever heard. It’s powerful. However, there is one trouble in the game: Voice Acting. It’s at its best, mediocre. Sure, there are some great performances such as Peter Beckman as Golbez, and Keith David as Chaos, but for the rest of the characters, it’s pretty poor. Especially Kuja’s and Exdeath’s voice actors. Most of them are pretty annoying in battle, but most of them are tolerable. But in the end… Dissidia does not feature good voice acting.

The presentation is worthy of a Square Enix game. Lots of cutscenes await you, some great FMVs, nice menus, a lot of modes, including Ad-hoc multiplayer, and a theater. The last one is very useful and a nice addition. It lets you watch in game Movies, listen to the music, see each character’s files, summon files, and some secret files. The game has LOTS of content; you’ll ask yourself how it all can be in a single UMD. Well, Dissidia features installation, and it’s quite useful, as it greatly reduces loading times. Bad thing is that it weighs about 500 mb, taking a lot of space from your Memory Stick. However, Square’s best addition to the game is that of the battle replays. It lets you save battles you play, and then you can watch them and edit them into a movie. Not only that, but it also lets you take pictures and convert them to AVI files, which can be seen in the PSP’s video section, and can be uploaded to YouTube. It’s highly useful. Dissidia is one of the most, if perhaps not the most user friendly game available on the PSP. That said, Dissidia: Final Fantasy is not for everyone. Final Fantasy haters will not enjoy the games, and even people who don’t like RPGs will have a hard time digesting many of the game’s features, even when the game is mostly fighting.
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