Date: 04-29-2011 16:15
Reviewer: JesusCB

Type: PSP
Genre: Tower-defence
Developer: Q Games

If you are looking for a challenge, a fan of tower-defence games or you are just looking for something very fun to play, you should get this game. It will be something you'll be playing for hours and hours.

Your goal is simple, build the appropriate towers that will stop the monsters before they reach the home where your 20 children live. The first levels are very easy, but wait for the complex stages, you will need to have a good strategy if you want to earn a rainbow.
Rainbows are like gold medals,If one of your sons dies you will loose the opportunity to get a rainbow.You need to do the stage perfectly, one mistake can change everything.
If you want to unlock new paths and new stages you will need a certain number of rainbows. Waves of enemies will attack your camp, making their way through the surrounding woods. By standing at a tree, you can replace that tree with the defensive tower of your choice. Building defences requires coins, that come from defeated enemies, you will have to move fast, to take those coins before they dissapear. Every tower can be upgraded up to five times, with each upgrade they will get an increase in power, speed, or range.

Your view of the music will vary depending on your mood and how frustrated you get while playing. A lot of the tunes do repeat themselves; if you need to retry a level many times, this can become problematic. The minor sound effects from the game do their job in adding the atmosphere to each stage.
In general the sound is OK, sometimes you will be concentrated and you wont hear anything.

You play as the mask-faced Tikiman, a guy who uses his slick tribal dance moves and his tree-transforming abilities to protect a little village of babies from attacking monsters
There are many types of monsters, you will have to see how to defeat them, and you will find a small challenge finding how to kill the head monster.
Some can be defeated with arrows, and some others need cannons. You have to think faster than the monsters!

There is a special section, where you can play some task,
These hard tasks let you play through existing levels again but with specific conditions. For example, you may need to beat a level using only cannons and Arrow Towers,or keeping some gems...
In this section you will find more towers and more fun. Instead of having only 5 options, now you can create up to 9 different towers.

Multiplayer Co-op:
A new addition is online play , with both random matching and room creation supported.. Online players will help you see levels that you might not have in single player But while both players are working toward the same goal, they each have the ability to gather coins on their own.
Also you can communicate using a pictogram-like system.
The real joy’s to be had in local co-op, where you and a friend can talk to each other, together planning your strategy.

Final notes:
This game is worth the price, It is a must-buy!
Don´t touch your enemies, your tikiman can get hurt, and you will loose some coins.
It contains all of the level content from the original game and its "Encore expansion pack", as well as new levels, enemies, and towers. Additional music, videos, concept art, and other special features are also included in this fantastic game.

Graphics: 9
Sound: 8
Gameplay: 8
Multiplayer: 9
Concept: 8.5
Difficulty Medium-Hard
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