Release date: 06-03-2011 07:17
Author: Sony

This download is a zip containing both the v1.2 update for the PAL (usually Europe & Australia) copy of Killzone: Liberation, and the additional Chapter 5 that is unlocked after completing Chapters 1 through 4.

FYI ... the Online servers for the PAL region have been shut down.

Guide to Upgrading to version 1.2 w/ Chapter 5
    Using a PC
    Step 1a) Download the Zip and extract the UCES00279 folder (if you Direct Download using PSP)
    Step 2a) Copy this folder containing the EBOOT.PBP and CHAPTER5.BIN files to your //PSP/GAME/ folder *

    Using a PSP
    Step 1b) Click the link below to Directly Download the DLC to your PSP
    Step 2b) Be sure that both the CHAPTER5.BIN and the EBOOT.PBP download completely *

    Step 3) Start either the UMD or digital download of Killzone: Liberation
    Step 4) Select "DOWNLOADS" once you get to the main menu
    Step 5) Press to skip connecting to the internet
    Step 6) Press again to exit out of the "Network Connection" screen
    Step 7) Press a third time to exit from the blank white screen
    Step 8) The "Game Data Installation" screen will ask if you wish to continue, select "Yes"
    Step 9) Hit when finished and the game will restart **

* = a "Killzone: Liberation Update" program will appear under the [Game] XMB category ... DO NOT DELETE or you will lose the update.
** = on the main menu screen you should now see "v1.2" in the lower left corner of the screen.

If you have the North American version of the game ... then go HERE to download the compatible package.

Download : Killzone: Liberation DLC for PAL
Size: 77MB, downloaded 12485 times

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