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Date: 07-27-2011 06:21
Reviewer: yeah_93

Type: PS3
Genre: Shooter RPG
Developer: Bethesda


You know, Iíve read numerous times that the process of making a video game is long and difficult, even after the process of Testing. That we should not complain about the games we have. I strongly disagree with that, because then we would be allowing developers to continue producing mediocre games. And yet, there is the case in which mediocre games get high scores because they are fun. Fallout 3 is that kind of game. Iím not saying itís overrated, but do you think that had the game not gotten a 93 out of 100 score in Metacritic, Fallout: New Vegas would be as buggy or cheaply presented as Fallout 3? I think not, and you should begin to consider it. Had the critics be stricter on the gameís score rather than just pointing the element of developerís mediocrity as just another fact, then Bethesda would have though it twice before releasing Fallout: New Vegas in the same state of Fallout 3. And thatís where the gamesí quality begins to decline. With this I donít want to criticize here other video game reviewers, I just want to make clear the previous statement, and if you think about it well, you know itís true. If the community doesnít ask for better games, then developers wonít make better games, either because they think their game is great or because they think that with no complains they can keep producing more games with the same level of mediocrity.

Iím not saying Fallout 3 is a bad game. Itís very fun, and the overall premise to explore a giant world and do whatever you want is why the game works and why so many people get hooked to it. However, you donít have to be a critic to notice the game is very mediocre, or at least its developer, Bethesda. Full of glitches and bugs, mediocre animations and gameplay, the game doesnít fail because the premise is stronger than anything else, and the fact that the game is satisfying enough to keep you engaged to it. However, the fact that after an hour or so of playing, the game crashes for no apparent reason, or a weird glitch forces you to restart the game; is more than unbearable; criminal, unforgivable and intolerable. And for such, the game gets a lower score. ďBut yeah_93, the game is very fun and itís great, why do you give it a low score?Ē Didnít you just read what I said? I find it insulting that even after a patch, the game still has so many annoying bugs and glitches. I wonít deny that I was hooked 35 hours to the screen, 15 more hours after finishing the main storyline, but I wonít forgive the game for the suffering it makes in every session. Yeah, most games have glitches. But yeah, most of those glitches take some work to find, but in this game, they are a reminder that you are playing a mediocre game.

Then again, I hope to clear every other aspect of the game in my review, so keep reading in order to know the other factors of the game. I wonít make this review as long as the other ones, because there is no story or character development in this game, even though itís a RPG. And as such thing happens, then this will be perhaps my most objective review, giving that there are no things or characters to analyze, just things to describe. And that isnít a good start. Just keep reading to know the rest.
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