Date: 08-06-2011 20:01
Author: Eric Price

PDC profile: Heartbreak

Ever wanted to experience a video game made in the 80's? Perhaps play as a ninja and defeat other bigger ninjas? Sasuke vs Commander could be the game for you, but is it worth your money? Read on to find out.

The Basics
As a gallery shooter made in the 80s, Sasuke Vs Commander's plot is very basic and empty in all aspects. In a five second cutscene at the beginning of the game, it is expected to know why the protagonist is trying to kill flying ninjas that wield shurikens, or defeat bosses wielding magical powers. Sasuke vs Commander was one of the first game to feature bosses, albeit very basic bosses with no dynamic characteristics. As a wave of enemies get defeated, another wave will appear with faster movements and increased rate of thrown shurikens. After two waves, a boss will appear. Some of the bosses have unique attacks while others are similar to other enemies. Defeat the boss, and repeat the cycle of killing waves of ninjas and fighting more bosses.

Shoot, Dodge, Repeat

The 21st century brought a whole new level to games; dynamic characters, plot, nice visuals along with a great soundtrack. Though I did recognize the fact that this game had been released over 25 years ago, I could not ignore the enemies flying in one pattern or the repetitiveness of the bosses. There was a lot of difficulty to face when I first started out, since the player cannot take a hit from the flying ninjas or the boss. It was challenging and mildly irritating to run around, shoot, dodge, watch myself die, and repeat the process over and over again. The ninjas did get faster and deadlier every time I defeated a boss, but it only proved to make a small difference, I felt to be playing the same level over and over again just to meet a different boss. Defeating a boss would reward you with an extra life, but I didn't feel it to be sufficient as the flying ninjas would get ridiculously fast and almost impossible to dodge their thrown shurikens. I could also notice that the background in the game was very repetitive. After I would defeat a boss and move onto another set of ninjas, I would see the same curved road in yellow and 2 tall trees on the sides in red. The sound effects aren't anything special either, they're more on the irritating side of the spectrum.

Final Thoughts
For a game that was made in the 1980s, lowering our standards for gaming is definitely required. But with the mediocrity of the gameplay and plot as well as the difficulty in Sasuke Vs Commander, I could not bring myself to enjoy the game. I played Sasuke vs Commander for an hour before I went on to do something less frustrating and more entertaining. Recommending this classic to anyone for me is extremely difficulty, even to a fan of arcade games; the frustrating and repetitive gameplay will most likely push anyone away before they can get attached to the game.

Sasuke vs Commander was originally developed by SNK, and then later ported to the PlayStation Network by G1M2. This Mini is available now in the North American PlayStation Store the standard $2.99 price. I put in an hour worth of play on my PSP prior to writing this review.

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