Date: 09-16-2011 23:01
Author: Eric Price

PDC profile: Heartbreak

The Impossible Game is an unique rhythm based 2D platformer that will have you pulling your hair out. Is this game worth losing your temper over? Read on to find out my opinion of this PlayStation Mini!


The one and only challenge of the Impossible Game is to keep a orange bouncy cube, alive. To accomplish this, the player must dodge any obstacles placed in their way by jumping, which is done by the button. Obstacles aren't very complicated, they only come in 2 shapes; triangles (spikes) and squares (cubes). Failing to dodge a obstacle will result in a restart from the beginning of the level. Dodging obstacles are only done in 2 ways, either jumping or not jumping. Each level was designed that there is only one way to get through. Jumping where you are not supposed to will most certainly result in the failure of your run-through of the level and therefore restarting the level. This drastic way of failing a level only highlights the main point of this game; timing.

When playing through any of the 5 levels, the game does allow the option of practice mode. Practice mode is activated by a click of the "R" trigger. In practice mode, there is infinite checkpoints in the form of flags placed via the "R" trigger. The main idea behind the inclusion of this mode seems to mainly be focused around the idea of getting used to the obstacles within the level. Since the main objective is to complete a level without checkpoints and getting used to the placement of the spikes and cubes.

A total of 5 levels are available in the game, with each unlocking sequentially with exception for the first and second level. Basic stat tracking is also available; in the form of total jumps and attempts. Finishing a level, either in Practice mode or not will also net you a medal. Nothing can be done with them, and does feel like a last minute addition to the Mini.

Techno, Techno, Techno
The soundtrack of the Impossible Game is what makes this title shine as a Minis title. The techno music is very nice and clear whether being played on the PS3 with a TV, or on the go with a PSP. The way the beat of the music matches up with the timing of jumps just felt fantastic. I played with headphones plugged in every time I would play on the PSP, it just seemed to enrich the experience of the game to a higher level. While triggering the Practice mode, the music will suddenly change from a upbeat techno score to a much more calmer song, which felt as if it was not a match for a fast paced game with a lot of movement.

The Verdict
For a minis title, The Impossible Game excels. It just nails the idea of making a short game for a session of any length, and allows anyone to pick up and play the game. Visually, it seems very simple and it does a good job of keeping it that way. I played The Impossible Game for a couple of hours, only to finish 3 of the levels. Yes, it's difficult and will probably require some patience. But with its addicting gameplay and music, you won't be feeling too much frustration. I highly recommend this minis title to any gamer; whether you're a hardcore one or just a casual one. For just $3, The Impossible game is definitely worth your while.

The Impossible Game was developed by FlukeDude and is available in the North American Playstation Store for $2.99. I put in 2 and a half hours of play on the PSP prior to writing this review, and still could not finish the last 2 levels.

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