Date: 09-20-2011 23:17
Reviewer: smish34

Type: PS3
Genre: RPG
Developer: Eidos Montreal

Deus Ex Human Revolution is the third game in the critically acclaimed Deus Ex series. Human Revolution is a prequel set 25 years prior to the Original, and instead of your character being a Nano-Augmented UNATCO Agent, or Tarsus Academy Graduate, he is Adam Jensen head of Security at Sarif Industries. A Revolutionary Mechanical-Augmentation Manufacturer who are on the Verge of a massive breakthough that could benefit mankind.

First off the Backstory
Or more precisely the History behind Deus Ex. In the Original, you play UNATCO (United Nations Anti Terrorist Coalition) Agent JC Denton. He is one of the first Nano-Augmented Agents. Nano-Augmentations being special Abilities than can alter Human DNA to make them stronger, or faster or other beneficial Abilities. Nanotechnology (at the time of DX1) was phasing out the older Mechanical-augmentations which started to become outdated. Fellow Agents like Gunther Herrman and Anna Navara, were both Mechanically augmented, and both didnt look entirely Human.
Since DX:HR takes place 25 years before the Original, Mechanical-Augmentations are the Latest in cutting edge technology. Sarif Industries is one of the leading specialists and have many Government Contracts, many for New Soldiers fighting on the Battleground and some for wounded soldiers recovering from Injuries. Adam Jensen, Ex-SWAT, is hired by Sarif Industries under the recommendation of his Ex partner and lead Scientist Megan Reed. During the Night of an important speech, Sarif Industries is Attacked by an Unknown, and Highly Augmented Force who fatally wound Adam and Kill Reed and several Scientists.

Secondly the story
Six Months after the Attack, Adam is recovering his injuries after going through drastic Mechanical-Augmentation surgery making him almost 80% machine. He is pulled out of leave to help resolve another Attack this time at another Sarif facility. Anti-Augmentation group 'Purity First' have broken in and taken Hostages. During this Adam is drawn into a strange conspiracy and Race Around the World to find out the Mystery behind the Hacker named 'Windmill', and what really happened the night of the Attack.

The story is very true to the Original. You have city Hubs where you can complete primary or Secondary objectives as you please, and between them, several story driven Missions where you uncover much of the Conspiracy behind you. Almost everything you do has a consequence and will come back and catch you off guard later in the game. There are 2 main city Hubs, where you can walk around freely, Detroit where Sarif is based, and Hangsha a two-tired Island city off the coast of China. Both have multiple areas to explore,meet new people and pick up side quests. Some are blocked off to you and you have to find some way in, be it sneaking through the back entrance or Convincing the guy at the door. The Choice's are always there for you. There are several other cities where key missions take place.

At certain points of the game (dont worry, its not a huge number) There will be 'Boss' fights, which have been quite controversial considering Deus Ex doesnt have Boss Fights and the game can be played without Killing anyone. The Fights break the flow of the game, and can really surprise anyone that have been gearing for a Non-Kill/Stealth playthrough. Personally i found the fights to be difficult and challenging, really test your ability and your Augmentations can really help and benefit you against your Enemies.

Third, the Graphics and Gameplay
First off i would like to say that DX:HR is one of the Nicest looking games i've played. The Graphics and Art Style are really great, and really clear. Everything looks really polished, and not once have i had the problem of something not rendering in front of me. The amount of Detail they have put into it is amazing. Adam himself looks fantastic, and you can even count the individual Hairs on his chin. Weapons look fantastic and random intractable Objects look just as good. However I Did think however that actual gameplay looked better than the Cutscenes, which there are very few of anyway.
The Gameplay has been nailed too. Moving doesnt feel to sluggish, neither does combat. The Augmentations doen feel overpowered and neother do the weapons. Two complaints though is that, One, Running is terrible. You can Augment your legs to run faster but it doesnt make too much of a difference. And the other is that Recharging your Energy cells takes too long, and sometimes i find that they will only ever stay on one battery charge even though i have fully Augmented them.

Overall i think this game is great. One of my games of the year. Graphics are great, sound is great, gameplay is great and so is the Depth of story. It really is a true Sequel to the Original, and really shows that developers can make sequel's years after, still manage to capture what was great about the Original and still make it great fun and enjoyable. (For an example of the Bad Sequel, play Duke Nukem Forever). I Recommend this to any fan of the Original and its sequel and Anyone who liked Fallout or Mass Effect. It really is a Thinking mans action game that really deserves the Critical Acclaim its already Received

Story: 10/10
Graphics: 10/10
Sound/Voice Acting: 09/10
Gameplay: 09/10
Replay Value: 09/10

Overall: 10/10
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