Date: 11-13-2011 02:35
Author: Todd Enloe

PDC profile: Death

OMG-Z is a chain reaction zombie shooter developed for the PS3 and PSP by Laughing Jackal. Will these zombies dominate the Mini platform or is it time to Rest-In-Peace?

Lock and Load

As I fired up the game, I was taken to the main menu with options like "New Game", continue, and options. I Clicked "New Game" and a level select menu popped up, along with a picture of the level. The game follows a soldier that was given a mission to kill zombies. However, there isn't really too much of a backstory to it. The menu is very nicely organized and bug free.

Get Back in that Hole
The story of OMG-Z is simple; a squad is dispatched to kill as many zombies with as few bullets as possible. For reasons that are apparently unknown, your character's squad is dead. The game is presented with a vertical top down view of an area crawling with zombies. Using the analog nub, the crosshairs move around the area and can fire explosive covered rounds into crowds of the undead. When a bullet hits a zombie, the zombie explodes along with those around the zombie you hit. Any zombies that explode also has the chance to explode more zombies. The zombies create a bloody mess when they explode, and make squishy sounds when shot. After firing the 3 shots, a screen with a score bar with 4 trophies, bronze, silver, gold, and platinum pops. Depending on how many zombies you kill, you get money and a trophy. If you get a bronze trophy, you receive 25 credits, 50 credits for silver, 75 for gold, and 100 for platinum.

When back at the main menu, by pressing the R shoulder button, a menu pops up allowing forweapons to be upgraded or put money towards making zombies less hard to kill. A chart next to the level select shows how many zombies there are in each level. There are 5 types a zombies; normal zombies, police zombies, soldier zombies, fat bomb zombies, and acidic zombies. When a police or soldier zombie dies, they shoot bullets, when an acidic zombie dies, they spew acid on the ground. If a zombie walks on the acid, they explode. Using these zombies makes greater chains, and improving the score of the level.

Brains.... RAWR!
The level select system is based off of a pyramid. Depending on the scores, the next mission unlocks, but it is possible to unlock several different versions of the same level. One version might have more acidic zombies, while another might have police zombies and soldier zombies. There are at least 100 levels, and every set of levels has a unique ending. The character may die, he might not, but no matter what happens, there will always be blood. Overall, the level selection and unlocking system is very good and fits in perfectly for the game as it's quick and easy to understand.

OMG-Z is a great game with very few errors. The only few errors are that zombie noises are constantly reused and the black and white color scheme can make zombies hard to see. I enjoyed the weapon system very much. It really gave me the feeling that I really was in a zombie apocalypse. I also loved the level design, but again, the color scheme made it hard to distinguish the zombies from each other. OMG-Z is great for any zombie killer on the go, it's got blood, guts, brains, and fat undead people!

OMG-Z is a PlayStation Mini developed by Laughing Jackal. I played this game for 3 hours on my PSP.

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