Date: 02-29-2012 23:37
Reviewer: DUB

Type: PS3
Genre: RPG/First Person Shooter/Third Person Shooter
Developer: Bethesda

Hello all, and welcome to my review of Fallout: New Vegas! I'm going to tell you right now, this may be a little biased because I think that this game is my favorite game. Ever. Also, I have more experience playing the game on PC (around 108 hours), but I did play Fallout: New Vegas for around a month after it first came out on my PS3, so I do know the differences. Also, I will be abbreviating Fallout: New Vegas as just New Vegas a lot, because it's much less tedious. And if I use any phrases that leave yourself wondering "What the heck are you smoking?" then I apologize now, because I have a very weird vocabulary. Anyways, let's hop right into this, shall we?
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