Date: 03-08-2012 15:04
Reviewer: yeah_93

Type: PS3
Genre: JRPG
Developer: Square Enix/Tri-Ace

First, Iíd like to begin with an apology. I promised that my next review would be Skyrim. However Iíll only have Final Fantasy XIII-2 for a short while, and Iíd been better if I wrote the review being still fresh from when I played it. The other factor is that I gave Skyrim to a friend a while ago, and I need to check some things again before I can finish the review. Sorry all. Now letís begin.

Itís incredible, given the fact that I liked Final Fantasy XIII, that I cared so little for Final Fantasy XIII-2 when it was released. I didnít even buy the game, a friend lend it to me 2 weeks ago. But Iím not going to divagate about why I didnít care for Final Fantasy XIII-2, or why Square Enix made it in the first place. I did want to play it of course, to see how the new storyline was.

I have grown. If I could go back in time (what an irony) Iíd probably give Final Fantasy XIII a lower score. With this, Iím not saying Iíd give the game a bad score, but Iím saying that I have changed, and the things I thought I could easily pass a year ago, I am not letting go so easily today. Iíve become stricter, intolerant of failures when they appear in my path. My style goes more objective as the time passes. My reviews keep the same structure, but youíll notice the style has changed since I wrote that review. For more information about my review style, visit my User Page.

Iím telling you this in a prologue manner; this has got nothing to do with the review structure itself. Iím just saying that you might notice the reviews maybe kind of different. Oh, and now Iím adding a Good and Bad category at the end of the review, to summarize things better. So why donít you go and check the review out?
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