Date: 11-04-2012 03:45
Reviewer: SilentWyvern

Type: PS3
Genre: First Person Shooter
Developer: Danger Close

2 years ago EA and DICE joined up with developer Danger Close to reboot the longtime World War 2 shooter franchise, Medal of Honor, with a modern setting and missions taken straight out of today's headlines. However Medal of Honor 2010 was counted as a failure by players. But 2 years later EA and Danger Close are back with DICE's shiney new Frostbite 2 engine. Does Warfighter redeem 2010's short comings?

Medal of Honor's single player looks to follow in the franchise's long time legacy of authentic recreation of military conflicts. ...Not counting Medal of Honor Heroes' gas mask minigun Nazis... And Warfighter does this with a somewhat realistic story of special operation forces and the lives they live back home. However Warfighter also plays the Michael Bay card by forcing cliché set pieces and explosions. While this doesn't drastically downgrade the experience, it does little to further the story.
The combat aspect of the story follows returning character from 2010, Preacher, as well as a new playable character Stump. Tier 1 Task Force along with Mako 1 SEAL team are tracking an explosive compound, P.E.T.N. to it's source. A few of the more important enemies are given names but they never do much to make the player look forward to killing them, and when they do, its near the end of the game.
The P.E.T.N. story is ultimately very confusing and poorly presented. Players are given some of the pieces, but before they can put them together Dusty is on the phone again ordering the teams to the next extremist shooting gallery.
Warfighter breaks up the pace with a plot about Preacher's live at home, his relationships with his wife and daughter and how his work is straining the marriage. These parts are very remeniscent of Act of Valorous and do a great job of humanizing Preacher. These scenes are presented in a quality much better than the rest of the game but make it harder to follow the P.E.T.N. plot. Its almost as if this is the plot Danger Close wants you to care about more, if this is the case explaining better who Preacher is killing would make the audience better understand why he chooses to kill said enemies rather than be with his family.
Unfortunately being a shooter today of course means that all the usual clichés of modern FPS games are present, short campaigns of only about 8 hours, tight, linear levels offering little to no exploration and turret sections. There are some unique driving sections but unfortunately these are quickly over and its onto the next hallway of enemies. Warfighter also has an odd fixation on door breaches. Breaching is everywhere in this game and it makes such a big deal about these sections. Strange, but whatever gets you off Danger Close.
Medal of Honor Warfighter's campaign might be on the weaker side, but its a unique story and has an ending that is very respectful of all soldiers serving in any country's armed forces. And really, having ANY kind of plot in an FPS nowadays that DOESN'T involve America fighting Russians puts it ahead of the class.

Warfighter's online component DEFINITELY improves over 2010's but that's not to say its perfect. Warfighter looks and feels like Battlefield 3. Whether that's an aesthetic choice or limitation of the Frostbite 2 engine, on the surface Warfighter looks and feels, as preciously stated, like Battlefield 3. Now, this isn't necessarily a bad thing, but its noticeable.
Fact is Warfighter plays pretty uniquely. Classes are pretty well balanced with no single class being "the absolute best". And the fireteam mechanic is a new feature that is pretty unique. Its like Battlefield's squad mechanic in that players spawn on their buddy, but buddies can also heal each other, resupply each other's ammo and see their buddies killer highlighted in red. The fireteams make Warfighter's online like no other game on the market.
Now if only that were true of the rest of the game. Maps are decent at best. A few are awful but none really stand out as triple A maps players will always remember. Weapon and character customization are great, but they are bogged down by a HORRIBLE menu system. Menus are confusing and unintuitive with poor design and numerous redundancies. Even the simplest tasks like changing mic settings, changing gun parts and quitting games become a chore.
And all of the game modes are ripped out of other games and scaled down. Battlefield seems to have been the biggest victim of this. Rush and Conquest are now Combat Mission and Sector Control. Both are okay, but Combat Mission's defenders will rarely win due to map design.
Online also feature the usual killstreak-style "support actions" which are actually very effective the higher tier you get.
Warfighter's online is an enjoyable and unique experience, both a good one and bad, but it doesn't seem like a game people will continue to play after the latest Call of Duty or Battlefield games come out.

Medal of Honor Warfighter is an interesting specimen in FPS gaming. Many reviewers criticize it for being bland and unoriginal, but these are the same reviewers that give Call of Duty perfect scores year in and year out. If anything, try it out before before buying it. Personally, its a fun game if played with a friend or random player who knows how to use the buddy mechanic, but Warfighter is definitely a niche style game and likely won't hold a larger audiences' interest for long.
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