Date: 06-18-2013 21:26
Reviewer: ItsMinoation

Type: PS3
Genre: Fighting
Developer: Namco Bandai

Greetings,everyone!On June 11,2013,Namco Bandai released the newest addition to the beloved Tekken franchise-'Tekken Revolution'.I was made aware of the game a few days after it was released by friend of mine who wanted to play against me but did not have TK6 or TTT2.There are a lot of pros and cons to Tekken Revolution and Namco Bandai made a smart move in released an F2P game.With that being said,let's get into it!


Right off the bat,Tekken Revolution almost gives you an insight to what Tekken Tag Tournament 2 menu looks like.The aesthetics of the menu is very pleasing for the most part.I wish that they would've kept the character select the same as any other Tekken game,but that isn't a big issue.You have three modes of battle you can choose from;Ranked or Un-ranked online matches and Arcade mode.They are pretty self-explanatory but for those who don't know I will explain.At the start of the game you are given a rank.Once you begin playing ranked matches,you have the chance to move up or you risk being demoted.DON DON DON!If you don't feel like gaining a better title,you can have a more casual approach with unranked matches.There,you can create or search for lobbies and just have fun going against other players.You also have the option to play against people on your friends list if you choose.If you don't feel like playing against people you can fight the AI in Arcade mode.In this mode you can play through the game as if you were trying to complete the character's story.You also get rewards for clearing Arcade mode.


If you are not familiar with any previous Tekken releases,this might be a good place to start.However,as someone who has played Tekken from a young age,a few things confused me.One thing that was slightly aggravating was the fact that you had no opportunities to bound/juggle people.I feel as though Namco Bandai intentionally made sure that you could not juggle your opponents.The next thing that shocked me was the newly added "Special Attacks".Certain moves can be done that deal extra damage to an opponent and also allow you to be invincible for a short amount of time while the player is executing his/her special.Not only is this a little unfair,but this gives an unskilled player an even greater chance of having an upper hand at someone who takes the time to look at their command list.You can still have a good time though depending on who you play against.

The characters that were chosen to be in this game were very strange to me.You start off with eight characters(Kazuya,Lars,King,Law,Paul,Steve,Asuka,Lili,and Jack.).You have the chance to unlock more characters by gift points.I think the reason these characters were chosen is because they aren't hard to learn at all and these are currently the most popular faces of Tekken.With that being said,if you are serious about Tekken,this may not be the game for you.

Revolution does a much better job of filtering out players with bad connections so you can have a good game.In Tekken 6,the chances of going against someone with a decent connection was rare and syncing issues happened left and right(Even after Namco's efforts to fix the situation).Only a few times have I gone against someone in Tekken Revolution and dealt with connection issues.

The last thing I want to touch on is the 'Character Enhancement' section((Angelic Choir)).Here you have three parts of a character you can put skill points towards;Power,Endurance,and Vigor.You can gain skill points by going through matches(Win or Lose).You must also have fight money to puts points towards different characters.I find endurance to be the most useful because you have a longer life span.All in all,the advantages are slight and that proves for a fair match most of the time.


The graphics for Tekken Revolution are strangely similar to that of Street Fighter.All the characters have a sort of black silhouette or outline to them and the stages have a weird hue over them.Comparing it to Tekken Tag Tournament 2 I would venture to say that Revolution looks less natural.It took some getting used to at first.Aside from my personal feelings about it's differences,it still lokks very good and realistic.You can definitely notice improvement from TK6 up until now.

Music/Sound Effects

The music for the stages of the game are awesome.They don't compare to some of the classics in previous games,but I can still get enjoyment out of listening to most the songs during a match.The menu music is decent but I personally prefer more synth-ish,ninth chords type sounds over rock and such.


As stated before,Tekken Revolution is good for anyone who is fairly new to Tekken and/or just want to keep things simple.The graphics are good and for a free game,I did enjoy playing it.If you do not yet own Tekken Tag Tournament 2,this game will give a good idea of what to look for in it.As an experienced player,it would not be the first game of its franchise I chose to play.I felt somewhat limited and thought something was missing.With that being said,Katsuhiro Harada,the producer of the game has said that Namco Bandai is not finished updating the game and adding new features to it.It should be interesting to see what else they have to add to the game.
Presentation: 8
Graphics: 8.5
Sound: 8
Gameplay: 8
Lifespan: 8
Overall: 8.1
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