Date: 08-28-2013 05:19
Reviewer: LonelyGamer

Type: PSP
Genre: Sci-Fi Shooter
Developer: LucasArts

Introduction: BattleFront 2 is a Sci-Fi Shooter developed by LucasArts is 2005. The game allows you to play as either Republic, CIS, Rebellion, or Imperial factions in battles that span the StarWars universe.

Command Posts, Assist Droids, Turrets: Advantages: I put this first because now you'll have a better idea of what I mean in the following paragraphs Yes, these deserve a whole category to themselves. Command Posts( or 'CPs' are vital to success, varying in location and number on different maps, they are where you respawn after death, and also where you teammates respawn. If all the CPs are captured, the 'capturing' team wins, since without them, even if the total number of fighters on your side aren't defeated, they can't spawn. However, there is a grace peri which allows for a few remaining soldiers to recapture a command post after the enemy has control over them all. After you recapture a CP, the remaining troops will instantly spawn. Now, this moment is critical. Because they'll most likely have been only a few of you left, the enemy often spreads out to find and terminate you. Of course, after you recapture a CP you have additional reinforcements. Thus, you can easily split their ranks by forming a 'crack' in their territory, which gives you a massive advantage. Assist Droids give you health and ammunition provided you stand near them long enough. This does render you somewhat exposed, but usually the droids are near CPs, so if the CP is yours, you can expect a respawned unit to momentarily protect you. This Droids are a huge help to teams holed up with only one CP, because as long as you're not overrun, you have infinite ammunition and health. Turrets cam be used to pin down a certain( and potentially large) amount of enemies until your teammates can close in. They're very effective if you're accurate as well.

GamePlay: There are two game modes: Land and Space. However, there are more game types, such as Capture The Flag(CTF), Hero Mode, Conquest, etc., the standard in Land Battles is 'Conquest', basically playing out as 'kill all enemies or capture all those pesky command posts.' There are four control controls modes. There are also different unit classes, while all factions have two special units each, all share the standard four: 'Soldier', 'Heavy Trooper', 'Engineer', and 'Sniper'. There are also of course vehicles, but only two: a 'Faction-Varying' speeder bike and tank. You have to give Lucas Arts props for making everything Faction specific.

Space Combat is actually fairly balanced, with objectives varying from 'Capture The Flag' to 'Space Conquest'. In all the game types you always spawn inside the hangar of your respective Capital Ship. The latter of the two game types( NOTE: there are more than two game types) is basically Land Conquest, but in Space.

Did I mention you attack the enemies Life Support? Good times. There are several systems on the ship( all of them moronically outside). The standard Sci-Fi stuff: Bridge, Engines, Life Support( Seriously, just call AARP), Communications, a secondary, smaller 'aiding ship', positioned above the Capital Ship, etc,. Also, there is a Shield protecting the whole ship that must be destroyed in order to bomb the crap out of some galaxy scum. There are also ship types, and while all have different names depending on Faction, these are the most understandable: Tie Fighter, Tie Bomber, Tie Interceptor, and Transport. Now... Space controls are definitely challenging: you aim with the analog stick. Seriously, this along with other issues make Space difficult. You will crash and burn into your own Capital Ship. Many times. Still, after practice, destroying Life Support is sadistically pleasing.

Presentation: The game has some minor glitches, and some major ones, I'm afraid. Ranging from wall clipping to poor hit recognition. Also there are some things that could be more polished, like, for instance, flying. FrameRate is also really varied, sometimes going a whole battle without error, other times being as choppy as a 'Slap N' Chop' commercial, on the same map to boot.

Graphics: The graphics are below average by today's standards, making them acceptable for a '05 title, sometimes long away units get blurry, but that's understandable. Also, the character models have a strange way of looking great on one map, and horrible the next. The gun models also range from very good to 'meh'.

Conclusion: StarWars: BattleFront 2 is a good game, while it is a downgraded port with inferior graphics than it's home-console brothers, it's still a good addition to a gamers PSP collection. And at only $10.00, it's a good value. Yes, the game has it's shining moments, however it is not without it's flaws. It manages to just pull above average. Recommended for younger players.

GamePlay: 7/10
Presentation: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10
Features: 6/10
Conclusion: 6/10
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