Date: 07-30-2013 07:54
Reviewer: AlexTOUGE

Type: PSP
Genre: Racing
Developer: Polyphony Digital

Gran Turismo on the PSP was a game we waited more than 5 years to be released. The game was delayed several times due to several problems and it was not released at 2004, but 5 years later (October 1st 2009) as a one of the "launch-titles" of the PSPgo. Is Gran Turismo as good as the previous games of the series? Was it worth waiting 5 years for it? Let's check it out.

If you played the previous GT games on the series, you do know that Polyphony Digital uses the full processing power of each PlayStation console to create incredible, life-like graphics. The PSP counterpart is of the same quality. Polyphony Digital developed a graphics engine exclusively for the PSP, running at full 60 FPS (Frames Per Second). The graphics are indentical to the ones found in Gran Turismo 4 for the PS2, and seen at a smaller screen, they look very realistic. 4 cars are racing in the track (including you). Tracks looks very detailed and nice. Overall it's what you'd expect from Polyphony, very beautiful, shiny and realistic.

Sound is very well developed for the PSP counterpart of Gran Turismo. Engines sound similar to their real-life counterparts and the rest of the sounds such as wind, tyres etc sound very good. All you need is headphones - PSP's speakers don't reproduce the quality of these sounds well enough, and a pair of headphones can do more than the job.

The game's main modes are 3: Single Player, Multiplayer and Driving Challenges. Single Player is the classic quick race, drift trial or time trial. Now, since you already read online, the game doesn't feature any sort of Career mode, but Driving Challenges try to fill that gap. Driving Challenges are the school challenges on the previous installments. There are plenty of them, and getting gold is usually very rewarding. There are 102 driving challenges to be specific, so completing all of them and getting gold is not going to be easy.
The game offers 831 cars, 35 tracks with 60 layouts. The game is created with car collecting in mind, however that wasn't executed very well. The game is progressed through days (each days goes on by going in events). Thing is, is that each day has 4 dealerships to choose from, so you won't be able to buy a car from your favorite manufacturer straight away. That wasn't really a good idea, and having all dealerships any day would be much better. Apart from the Driving Challenges, another goal is to get "Driver Level: S" on every track on the game. This can be as easy and as hard, since when you advance from a Driver Level to another one, opponent racers' AI gets harder and harder. Now, when it comes to driving itself, the game has physics based on "Gran Turismo 5 Prologue", so you won't find anything bad here. Cars drive very realistically, with FR cars trying to slide through corners, other cars being "tail-happy" and race cars being very "grippy". Great stuff.

I honestly expected to see Infrastructure mode when it comes to Multiplayer, with servers etc, because I knew that Polyphony could do it. Infrastructure wasn't added on Gran Turismo on the PSP, but, atleast they fully used Ad-hoc's power in Multiplayer. You have the classic Multiplayer races, which is nothing special but works fairly well, but the thing that impressed me was the 2nd Multiplayer Mode - Share & Trade. Share & Trade allows you to either share a car with your friend, or either trade one from your collection with one from his. This was executed very well, and it was really fun to do with friends.

Gran Turismo on the PSP is a great "portable" installment of the series. It might not have the career that GT is known for, but anything else it does, it does very well. Having 800 cars to collect, 35 tracks to master and 102 Driving Challenges, along with the Multiplayer fun, this is one heck of a PSP racer. I recommend this to anyone that likes cars, or just driving. It's too much for a little handheld, and I find this an advantage.

Graphics: 10
Sound: 9.8
Gameplay: 8.8
Multiplayer: 8.4
Overall: 9.1
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