Date: 03-22-2015 15:27
Reviewer: AlexTOUGE

Type: PSP
Genre: Hack-and-Slash / Action-Adventure
Developer: Ready at Dawn Studios

God of War: Ghost of Sparta is a game in the God of War series developed by Ready at Dawn and it's the 2nd game to appear on the PSP.
It is considered a spin-off, and focuses on a storyline that is set between God of War 1 and God of War 2. Does this live up to the previous PSP installment, Chains of Olympus? Read on to find out.

According to Ready at Dawn Studios, they have managed to develop a graphics engine that is better than Chains of Olympus, what was already considered PSP's maximum limits. Beautiful, crisp characters, breathtaking locations and backgrounds and real-time lightning, along with a fully steady framerate makes for an amazing experience that'll make you forget you're playing on a PSP. This game truly pushes the system to its very limits. Absolutely beautiful.

On par with the graphics. Beautiful sound effects and background sounds, and the typical GoW voice acting quality. Terrence C. Carson returns as Kratos, along with most of the other actors from the previous games, and they all do a great job. There's not really much to say that isn't already said about the sound. Beautiful, high quality, and, along with the visuals, completely immerses you into the game.

Looking at the gameplay, I'm still very impressed on how Ready at Dawn managed to make a control setup where everything works and feels natural, considering the PSP is missing a few buttons and an analog. Everything works well, there's lots of weapons you can use throughout the game. Another impressive thing is that the game is almost twice as long in length compared to Chains of Olympus, giving it a playtime of about 11 hours for the typical gamer. That, considering the amount of graphical textures and sound effects, is very impressive, and it's an experience that won't feel short at all.

Definitely on the top with the best PSP games ever developed, and a must-have for every PSP owner's collection. Highly recommend for God of War veterans and newcomers alike.

Extra Info
Available in the PSP Essentials range for 9,99 Euros for a physical UMD copy, while it's also available in digital form for 7,99 euros and compatible with the PS Vita as well.

Graphics: 10
Sound: 10
Gameplay: 9,5
Overall: 10
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