Date: 07-07-2015 09:49
Reviewer: Cybuster

Type: PSP
Genre: Fighter
Developer: Project Soul/Namco Bandai

This is a Review for SoulCalibur: Broken Destiny, for the PSP. It's really just the PSP version of IV, which was on the Home Consoles. As always, I"ll try to keep it short, so let's get started!

Battle 1...Fight!
feels very much like a SoulCalibur should. I've played a little of its big brother counter-part, and played II to death, so I know how one should feel---and this feels like a SoulCalibur, which is a great feat on a hand-held! So for those who are into the series will have no trouble picking it up, and start fighting like a pro! The only thing new here are Critical Finish moves. It's just a finishing move to K.O your opponent no matter their health gauge, after their armor has been destroyed. I didn't really like this feature and felt it was out of place, I mean, are we playing a 2D arcade fighter here or something? All 28 characters are in this game, from the classics: Nightmare, Ivy(shield your eyes everyone), Kilik, Cassandra, to the new ones such as: Algol and Hilde, just like in IV. No Star Wars characters in here people. Instead you get Kratos from the "God of War" series, which I think fits a lot better in the world of SoulCalibur than Darth Vader, even though I don't like the "God of War" series -- I did not like his fighting style, or facing him, because he is a very, over-powered fighter in the game, but I held my own when fighting him, naturally. There is also a new addition exclusively for Broken Destiny: **Cough* *Cough* Dampierre, Who was stupid, annoying, terribly designed, and couldn't fight any better than a baby in its cradle, that fell asleep by listening to lullabies! I HATE HIM! That's all for him...Next!

Battle 2...Fight!
Don't expect some lame story mode because you won't get. You only get some Gauntlet Mode, which is just really a long tutorial, with some cutscene after each lesson, of Hilde and Cassandra talking in some art form. It seems that HIlde is on a journey to find her father or something and then, blah, blah, blah... *Yawn* Zzz...Huh? Yeah, I'm still here! You can skip this mode altogether if you want, it's also non-canon, so it ain't got nothing to do with the universe of SoulCalbur. I beat it however, and for what? A new weapon for Sigfried that is only for looks, as are all weapons...Oh, what joy...Next we have Trial of Attack and Trial of Defense. They are pretty much the same thing, only you get a better score for fighting aggressively in Attack, and a better score based on your defensive play in Defense, the latter just had more battles to fight. Then you get Endless Trial, which is just your survival mode. The problem with these modes is that you always come across the same characters to fight, like Kratos and and that new guy(who's name I don't want to utter again). I guess they wanted to let them have their show, but I got tired of fighting the some old fighters all the time. There's also a Quick Mode match, where you choose your fighter, pick a random fighter to go up against, with a win-loss-record. The better and worse their record is, the easier or harder your opponent will be. Once you beat them, you win their title, to be seen in your name in battles and in ad-hoc. Believe it or not, this is the mode I spent the most hours on. Also, instead of your normal best out of 3 battles, it's now 5, I don't know why, and frankly, I like it as 3 battles instead, no way in options to change it either. You get your usual training mode of course. And now we get the REAL meat of the game: Multi-player! I must admit this is probably the best part, and main reason to get the game. It is very smooth too, feels like single-player. I play it with my younger brother every now and then, at least when he's up for a challenge, you know him - he goes by buster'sBro here on PDC. And I am ALL over him, granted he will win sometimes, if I have a person like that guy I don't like to speak of, and he as someone he's good at using, but for the most part; I've got his number! It is only ad-hoc however, but it's just as well it was never online, because I don't think people would like to face my wrath and lose all the time anyway. I even have Gambit as my 'ace' in the hole, just in case, but I rarely need to bring him out. Gambit you ask? He's my character I designed based off of Kilik, guess I haven't mentioned this part. Not much to tell really. You pick a male or female, choose their fighting style - excluding Kratos and Algol, pick, a hairstyle, the least annoying voice, skin-tone, color of hair, eyes, and finally their outfits. Personally, I've would've like to have to seen more options, for you'll always have a buff looking male, as well as a well-figured female because you can't mess with their height, weight and such. Could've used more clothes, too.

Final Battle...Fight!
Graphics & Sound:
The Music is your usual SoulCalibur flair, you love it or hate it, or maybe you're like me and not really notice it all, the music hasn't been as good since II, so whatever. Guess it's not really that important in a fighting game anyway...WAIT! I just remembered how AWESOME BlazBlue's music was, so maybe it's more important in a fighting game after all, sort of pumps you up, know what I mean? Sound effect of clashing weapons are good, no complaints here. The voices can be a pain to hear, like every in fighting game it seems, but you can change it to Japanese---pick your poison...Graphics really stand out a lot, probably one of the best looking PSP titles. To the stages, lighting effects, to the character models, although some time their hands can look like Saria's hands from "The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time", other than that, the graphics were great and pleasing on the eyes.

Game Over...
A nice fighting game to pick up for your PSP! Stellar fighting experience, sweet graphics(for those who are in to that stuff), great sound effect, but I think it's best for its multi-playing. And while the lack of modes were disappointing, annoying voices, no online play when it was new, but that stuff is overrated to me anyway, and Dampierre, oops, excuse the foul language, it still shouldn't stop you from getting it. Oh yeah, if you happen to grab it, go to options and install the game right away, that is unless you want to look at a loading screen for a couple of minutes before each battle, it's not much either, only 200+MB.

Gameplay: 8.0/10
Modes: 6.0/10
Graphics & Sound: 8.5/10
Overall: 7.5/10
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