Date: 12-01-2015 05:41
Reviewer: SilentWyvern

Type: Vita
Genre: JRPG
Developer: Aquire, ZeroDiv

Many times I find myself interested or even excited for a game based solely on the art style of the game. Games like Sly Cooper, Boktai and Darksiders 2, where all games I've picked up at one point in my life purely based on the art alone. And Mind Zero shares that in common with all those games. Mind Zero does not however share one thing with those aforementioned games, and that is that Mind Zero isn't any good.
The story follows several highschoolers who after encountering a mysterious room and are given supernatural allies who aid them in battle. All the while they're putting on the front of innocent school children to help the inept police who think they're linked to the recent crimes around the city and stop me now if this story is sounding a tad familiar.
Thats right, Mind Zero is a Persona clone. This game Personas so hard they've even included a Dojima/Adachi style comically inept, bumbling idiot cop and seasoned veteran, often annoyed by the idiot, cop. Clearly picking and choosing elements and story bits from Personas 3 and 4 predominantly.
Mind Zero centers around 3 highschool kids, who are tasked with unravelling the mystery of the Minds, supernatural beings bestowed unto them by a mysterious woman in an armory room that inexplicably appears. Mind users upon entering the room must pick a weapon that has been predetermined for them, if they choose wrong, they die. Or in the case of one character just gets a demon possessing his arm. Plot consistency be damned. Hoever some people have been using Mind throughout the city leading the police to simply assume its a drug given their lack of understanding of the matter. And that is probably the one original, good idea of this plot. Characters end up being little more than done to death anime tropes and literally none of them are memorable. To this day I can't remember the protagonists name, I like to think of him as Minato from Persona 3, just with even less personality.
Presentation in this game is also a mixed bag of mediocre and bad. Music and voice acting ll sound decent, neither of which will be stirring any emotions or leave lasting impressions. Visually, this game is a real mess. Enemy models look decent. Again nothing too memorable but nothing totally horrible to look at. But the character models of the party members are ugly. Oddly round heads and large, soulless, dead eyes. The worst part of any battle is the victory screen, with the character who dealt the winning blow standing there. Looking at you. With those dead, slightly off-center eyes.
As for how this game actually plays, its a generic dungeon crawling JRPG that does literally nothing to set it self apart. Like a slice of white bread or a saltine cracker, it will fill you up, maybe, but there is no taste. And don't worry about not knowing how to play Mind Zero. You will be constantly harassed and assaulted by tutorials. No joke, there is a tutorial for the menus. Battle screen, tutorial. Need to use a potion, tutorial. Saving? Tutorial. Trading this game in at GameStop? Tutorial. This wouldn't be nearly as big of a problem as it is if you could simply skip them, instead of having to go through each of the 8 pages on how to open your inventory waiting half a second to load the next page's image.
My time spent with Mind Zero was full of regret, and hoping it'd get better. But that never came. I could barely stomach 2 or 3 dungeons before putting the game down. I can't honestly recommend this to anyone who wants a solid JRPG like this when there are so many better ones on the market, on the Vita alone! Just go play Persona 4, its the same story, just better.
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