Date: 02-24-2016 05:39
Author: Sketch

vita/ps3 backwards compatibility

These were ideas/prototypes that never came to be that were supposed to give the Vita and PS3 backwards compatibility with the PSP.

UMD Drive for PS VITA:

This was an official Sony accessory that was in development for the PS Vita. In the bottom left corner you'll also notice an accessory that looks like a flash drive. It allowed the use of MS Pro Duo's with the PS Vita. Sony eventually scrapped the idea because they believed both peripherals would jeopardize the security of the PS Vita and it's developers' games. Too bad. Would've really liked to see at least this if not the UMD Passport.

This was an idea/prototype for including a UMD drive in the PS3. This would've been nice as well.

Although this is a site currently geared towards Sony systems I thought it only right to point out the proven success of backwards compatibility with competitor systems. Take for example the GameCube. Nintendo was smart to create a GBA add-on for the system to allow consumers to play GBA games on their TV's. Even with the Wii, consumers were able to play GameCube games. Seems a no brainer that Sony would create a UMD add-on for the Vita. People still like playing their retro games whether they are still in production or not. Take for example the Retro 5 system that allows people to still play older games. They're still enjoyable. Hopefully Sony pay's attention and finally allows consumers to enjoy their PSP UMD media on future systems. The PSTV/VitaTV could've easily incorporated a UMD drive for backwards compatibility. Guess we'll have to wait and see what the future holds. If Sony doesn't catch on, I'm sure that some third party company or independent engineers will figure out how to give people what they want. Just like the add-on accessory coming soon for iPhone and Android that allows consumers to enjoy their GameBoy cartridges on their cell phones by turning their iPhone/Android into a physical Gameboy. Maybe someone will make a way to turn iPhone/Android into a physical PSP??? Feel free to leave your comments in the forum.

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