Date: 07-02-2016 22:14
Author: Sketch

The update is finally here! Get excited!!!

Whats up everyone!! After weeks of back and forth hassles, explanations, and stress with Google support, the update to the app is finally here! If you still love/enjoy PSP games as much as I do then you'll love this update. I wanna see everyone here get involved so go download it or update it if you already have it! Click more to see whats new!! See You inside...

So with this update, I wanted the app to be an extension of PDC and what everyone has come to know and love about PDC. We are still number one when it comes to providing every demo ever released for the PSP. Even other sites are redirecting links back to here. Now I know you all have been content with the web version of the downloads but I don't want you to just download the demos, I want your feedback. What do you like or dislike? What are your favorites? What would you rate each demo? Let others know what you think. Think of it like a mini review of each demo that you as a community get to contribute to. If this app shows a lot of interaction, I'll consider making a PS4 one. You obviously wouldn't be able to download anything but you would be able to give your own opinion and rating on every PS4 game released as well as every other game to come for the PS4. Heck, you might even be able to help influence the outcome of a games update or sequel.

For now though, please get active and give your feedback on these demos. Also, I'll be incorporating some hidden easter eggs in future updates. Ones that pay homage to the way "old school" easter eggs were found.

Here's whats new with this update:

    1 You can now sort the demos by Size, Region, A to Z, or Z to A
    2 Realtime translations for your native language
    3 The ability to rate and comment on each demo/app (You can use emoji's too )
    4 Login/Register by creating a username and password. - You only have to do this once and the app will remember your login info.
    5 Share a demo with a friend and they will get a direct link to the demo within the app, even if they don't have the app.
    6 Share direct links to your favorite demos on social sites or through sms
    7 And the most important, you can now download these demos directly to your android device to play on your favorite emulator. Currently, the demos/apps are pre-installed in a location that PPSSPP checks for games
    8 Featured demos appear at the top: The 5 most recent demos will be featured here.

Future update plans:

    1 Login with Google, Facebook, Twitter, or your PDC credentials.
    2 Ability to favorite a demo/app: will save the demo/app to your favorites list
    3 Profile pictures will be added soon as well

I have more demos/apps to add to the list but I'll only release 5 a week every Wednsday until I run out. First release will be this coming Wednsday July 6th. This is a social app now people. So get out there and be social!! And be polite please. No profanity, vulgar remarks, racial comments or religious bashing. The comments will be monitered just like they were here. Any comments violating those policies will be removed and the user will be sent a warning. Third time, the user will be banned.

Thank you everyone for your patience and happy gaming! Enjoy!!
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