Date: 02-10-2008 22:11
Reviewer: Matt

Type: PSone
Genre: Fighting
Developer: Namco

Tekken 2 is a game that can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store for the price of $5.99 or 600. Tekken 2 was a game that was original released on the PSone now on the PlayStation Store for you to buy and download.

Game Play: Tekken 2 has one of the best fighting engine ever. After 12 years, it is still one of top fighting games. Tekken 2 is known for its own fighting system. Tekken 2 has this "press the button at the perfect time" engine. For those people that like to button mash this is not a game for you. Once you get use to the fighting system the game is still ...... hard. When ever you are fighting girls in the game they will beat you and you would keep on trying for hours. There are 5 different modes Arcade, Team Battle, Time Attack, Survival, & Practice Mode. This game is very short you could beat it in a sit-down.

Graphics/Presentation: Graphics show their old age with its blocky character models. There is motion-capture animation making all of the fighters move smoothly and realistically. Menus look boring.

Presentation: 6
Graphics: 7
Sound: 9
Gameplay: 9
Lifespan: 6
Overall: 7.4
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