Date: 02-10-2008 22:11
Reviewer: Matt

Type: PSone
Genre: Racing/Extreme Sports
Developer: Sony Interactive Studios America

2Xtreme is a game that can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store, for the price of $5.99.

Gameplay: You race with skate boards. There is one way so when crash into an object you have to shimmy around from it. You can't go backwards, and since you're pressed right up against the thing your only option is to slide to the side. Obstacles in the game include billboards, lampposts, gate-posts, vehicles, trees and animals. Going downhill looks weird. An you could do 2 or 3 tricks over objects. 12 tracks, 10 characters, and 4 difficulty levels.

Apparently Sony wanted you to think that this is a PS1 Classic since they put it on the PS Store. I would just go up too sony and tell them to take it off. This game has no meaning off being a game there are episodes of "Two & a Half Man" that are better thin this game. If you almost think about it, this does not count as a game, too me it's shovelware. But they had to catch you with the '90s name "2Xtreme", sad too say there are no guys with spiky hair here.

With the gameplay have you to being restricted to going one way, there is no meaning even going forward into this game. Gameplay was just butchered with all the stuff that in game. There is nothing remotely good about playing this over or even at all. Like I said early, why even make a game? Why spend money of butchered gameplay? Why let consumers spend there hard earned money on this game?

Graphics/Presentation: Menus are so confusing you won't know what to do. Graphics are one of the worst that you can see on the PSone list of the PlayStation Store. The levels are Africa, Japan, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. Each level has three tracks, each look the same with different pictures in front of you. Character models look the same just with different names and clothing.

Last Note: Can a game be this bad? I thought that it wasn't even possible but Sony showed my eyes by putting it on the PS Store. Why even waste space on your hard drive or memory stick (Whatever you play PS1 classics on)? If this game was free I still wont get it since it butchered gameplay. Who was the person that said "Let's put 2Xtreme on the PS Store", that person and must be one of one people that liked the game. If it doesn't get even worse, there is a sequel call "3Xtreme" with the same butchered gameplay you know and hate.

Presentation: 1
Graphics: 1
Sound: 3
Gameplay: 1
Lifespan: 2
Overall: 1.6
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